micro print factory III

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micro print factory III

Postby The Skunk » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:00 pm

Hongjun: Hi Tony
Tony: hi
Hongjun: i saw your site has a new model for micro print factory III
Tony: ok - well firstly we dont do trade ins
Tony: secondly the earlier print factory units are BETTER
Tony: cheaper to run
Tony: faster
Tony: better printing
Hongjun: we got a broken factory II, my boss said it is not worth to keep repairing it, please advise if the factory III is better quanlity or there are any other better cd/dvd printers?
Tony: how many discs are you printing and how often
Hongjun: we are printers, we used to print cd's handreds a day
Hongjun: not every day, but usually if we have a job, it is about 200-300 cd's
Hongjun: so i guess we print over 1000 per week
Hongjun: do you know any other better brand?
Hongjun: the micro factory machine is not stable
Hongjun: is Rimage Protege 2 the best printer?
Tony: hi
Hongjun: hi
Tony: 1 moment - on phone
Tony: its not the brand that is bad - its more the unit
Tony: the NEW PRINT FACTORY PRO has a better loader - with an elevator
Hongjun: do you think it is worth to repair our current printer?
Tony: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/print ... 89503.html
Hongjun: change a new servo, would that work for next year?
Tony: better to have 2 printers
Tony: if it business crytical
Hongjun: is the printing quanlity the same?
Hongjun: i meant the factory II, III and pro
Hongjun: same cartridges?
Hongjun: is Microboards GX AutoPrinter good? only Å“700, we might need this one as a backup
Tony: hi
Tony: GX bad
Tony: all PF use different print engine
Tony: for back up I advise this
Tony: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/stord ... 80739.html
Hongjun: if so i think the best way is to repair our current factory II, if nessesary, we might get another factory II or III in future as backups
Tony: it uses HP56 and HP57 ink
Hongjun: is DP50 better than microboards factory II?
Hongjun: is it good to sell our factory II and use DP50 instead?
Hongjun: is DP50 cheap to run?
Tony: dp50 is faster and cheaper to run
Hongjun: so you recommend DP 50?
Tony: i do
Tony: and keep the pf2
Tony: your output is quite high and you need some redundancy
Hongjun: is dp50 full cmyk photo printing? quality better or same?
Tony: quality beter/same -
Tony: HP56 and HP57
Tony: if you need sample send your artwork to design@cd-writer.com
Tony: ask for dp50 sample and print factory pro
Tony: both wld make ideal addition to your operation
Tony: pf pro is very fast
Tony: dp50 is vry cheap
Hongjun: is long as dp50 speed is faster than factory II, that will be good enough for us
Hongjun: ok, thanks, Tony, I will ask my boss for advise. by for now
Hongjun: bye
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