best price for primera dp 4101

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best price for primera dp 4101

Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:31 pm

3:16:59 PM: gozwe: hi there good afternoon
3:17:07 PM: Dave: Hi Gozwe, our best price is as per the website, which
include an additional free set of inks
3:17:47 PM: gozwe: we cannot do any thing more for the price or can i talk
to the manager or something like that
3:17:48 PM: gozwe: ?
3:17:52 PM: Dave: ... tra-ink-se
3:18:14 PM: Dave: As I say Gozwe, the unit is already on offer
3:18:17 PM: Dave: what were you hoping to pay?
3:18:22 PM: Dave: have you had a better quote?
3:18:44 PM: gozwe: no i am searching right now
3:18:56 PM: Dave: I think you will find our price is one of the best on the
3:19:15 PM: Dave: and most others do not include an additional set of inks
3:19:42 PM: gozwe: because i alreadyy have one but i wish to invest for one
you know
3:19:56 PM: Dave: sure, well we have plenty in stock
3:21:28 PM: gozwe: if you give a better price I will have it immidiately
3:22:02 PM: Dave: I can do it for £1749
3:22:14 PM: Dave: however if you want delivery in malta, you will need to
pay via bank transfer
3:22:48 PM: gozwe: no problem for me
3:22:57 PM: gozwe: and i will make it on the company
3:23:06 PM: Dave: ok
3:23:09 PM: Dave: we are actually closed today
3:23:13 PM: gozwe: can you send me an invoice pls
3:23:21 PM: gozwe: and bank transfer number
3:23:21 PM: Dave: but we re-open on Tuesday 3rd January
3:23:25 PM: Dave: sure,
3:23:32 PM: Dave: what are the company details and address please?
3:23:45 PM: gozwe: no problem i am not for a hurry for the item but
3:23:58 PM: gozwe: Pribor
3:24:09 PM: gozwe: Arcades
3:24:28 PM: gozwe: Triq Guze Muscat Azzoppardi
3:24:33 PM: gozwe: Qormi
3:24:36 PM: gozwe: 2667
3:24:38 PM: gozwe: Malta
3:24:48 PM: Dave: ok, thanks Gozwe - what is your full name please?
3:24:52 PM: Dave: and is Pribor the company name?
3:25:09 PM: gozwe: VAT Number MT 2054-9723
3:25:14 PM: gozwe: Yes
3:25:25 PM: gozwe: Pribor is the company name
3:25:37 PM: Dave: and your full name please?
3:25:47 PM: gozwe: Gozwe Falzon Fava
3:26:49 PM: Dave: Thanks Gozwe, I'll send the quote shortly
3:26:56 PM: Dave: finally I just need a contact number, and E-mail address
I'll send that over shortly with a reference number for
you to make payment.
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