Are there printable sheets of stickers available...

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Are there printable sheets of stickers available...

Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:37 pm

Are there printable sheets of stickers
available to fit the size of the Premium Card CD Cases to make them branded?

12:26:41 PM: Dave: Hi Mary
12:26:59 PM: Dave: I'm not quite sure what you mean
12:27:08 PM: Dave: do you mean stickers for the discs themselves
12:27:18 PM: Dave: or inserts for the case (ie front and back covers)
12:29:20 PM: Mary : sorry I wasn't very clear
12:30:50 PM: Mary: I mean, are there stickers that would fit
the size of the card cd cases themselves(front or back)? Like for the jewel
CD case insert would be a front cover to the case
12:31:20 PM: Mary : we can print on CDs but if we were going to
buy the card CD cases we might need to be able to brand them differently for
different discs
12:31:37 PM: Dave: ok, I see what you mean
12:32:00 PM: Dave: sadly there are no stickers available for the Cardboard
12:32:28 PM: Dave: each face on those Cardboard CD sleeves is 12 x 12 cms
12:32:52 PM: Dave: so you'd have to try and source some generic stickers
that are that size, maybe with 2 on an A4 page
12:33:04 PM: Mary: ok I see
12:33:04 PM: Dave: then use photoshop or other design software to create and
print your new labels
12:33:10 PM: Mary : thanks for your help
12:33:16 PM: Dave: no problem
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