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Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:42 pm

11:30:54 AM: Dave: Hi Theo
11:31:01 AM: Dave: On your laptop now?
11:31:04 AM: Dave: :-)
11:31:41 AM: Theo: yaeh
11:32:04 AM: Theo: u can now start
11:33:46 AM: Dave: ok - please click and "run" this link:
11:34:19 AM: Dave: then tell me the ID number it gives you, and the password
11:34:32 AM: Dave: you will also need to put the user manual disc in your
CD-ROM drive
11:34:47 AM: Theo: ok
11:35:47 AM: Theo: it's running now, once is done will let u know
11:39:20 AM: Dave: ok
11:39:46 AM: Dave: Let me know when you have it
11:40:39 AM: Theo: it's now 42%
11:40:46 AM: Dave: that is very slow
11:40:55 AM: Dave: you must be in dial up internet are you???
11:42:04 AM: Theo: i dont know wich kind of internet is
11:42:40 AM: Dave: are you connected via wi-fi?? do you plug a cable into
your computer and dial a telephone number??
11:43:17 AM: Theo: no, i'm using a wilreless
11:43:45 AM: Theo: i have put the disc, what next
11:43:47 AM: Theo: ?
11:43:55 AM: Dave: ok - have you run the file on the link I sent you
11:44:03 AM: Dave: as I say, it will be called Team viewer, and give you an
ID and password
11:44:11 AM: Dave: tell me the ID and password
11:44:33 AM: Theo: it's now 64%
11:44:42 AM: Dave: ok - we have to wait for that
11:44:49 AM: Dave: when its finished - run or open it... and tell me
11:44:52 AM: Dave: then we can do mor
11:44:54 AM: Dave: *more
11:45:09 AM: Theo: yeah
11:55:38 AM: Theo: ID 211 501 588 password 8211
11:56:32 AM: Dave: ok, one moment
11:59:10 AM: Dave: ok Theo, it is not working for some reason
11:59:27 AM: Dave: can you close that program
11:59:34 AM: Dave: and open the file again on your computer
11:59:39 AM: Dave: you will get a new password
12:00:14 PM: Theo: or it's a problem of my connection?
12:00:24 PM: Dave: no, it's the software
12:00:27 PM: Dave: my version was out of date
12:00:35 PM: Dave: I have updated it now, but it still won't let me connect
12:00:55 PM: Theo: ok, i close it and open it fron the link you sent?
12:01:16 PM: Dave: not from the link
12:01:21 PM: Dave: you have already downloaded the software
12:01:34 PM: Dave: so it is already on your PC
12:01:38 PM: Dave: just open the same file again
12:02:03 PM: Theo: let me see where it was saved
12:03:31 PM: Dave: ok, ready?
12:08:50 PM: Dave: Still there Theo?
12:09:13 PM: Theo: yeah
12:09:27 PM: Dave: ok have you opened it?
12:09:55 PM: Theo: i was still looking for it where it was saved
12:10:14 PM: Dave: in your downloads folder I guess - but mabe just click
the link again
12:10:29 PM: Dave: it will be quicker - I'm very busy today so can't spend
too long on this
12:10:47 PM: Dave: let me know when you have the ID and password again
12:10:54 PM: Theo: ok
12:12:02 PM: Theo: ID 211 501 588 password 6412
12:12:27 PM: Dave: ok I have control
12:46:27 PM: Dave: ok theo
12:46:33 PM: Dave: I have stopped controlling your computer now
12:46:46 PM: Dave: it is too slow
12:46:52 PM: Dave: at the omment, you need to install that Adobe Reader X
12:46:57 PM: Dave: so you can read the instructions
12:47:11 PM: Dave: I put all the instructions, and the programs on the right
hand side of your desktop
12:47:32 PM: Dave: Let me know if you need any more help, but the
instructions will explain it all.
12:47:46 PM: * Theo is now off-line and may not reply. Currently in room:
12:47:47 PM: * Theo is now on-line. Currently in room: Dave, Theo.
12:48:36 PM: Theo: ok i can install the adobe if you think everything is
12:48:43 PM: Dave: yes, everything is installed
12:48:55 PM: Dave: just read the quickstart guide and you can't go wrong
12:49:30 PM: Dave: i have to go now though Theo.
12:49:43 PM: Theo: i can see i have two softwares, ImgBurn
12:49:47 PM: Dave: yes
12:49:49 PM: Theo: and copylock
12:49:52 PM: Dave: correct
12:50:04 PM: Dave: and also the instructions, which is nextr to the icons
12:50:17 PM: Theo: these are what i will only need to use
12:50:23 PM: Dave: yes
12:50:52 PM: Theo: the ImgBurn to get the video from the disc
12:50:57 PM: Dave: yes
12:51:03 PM: Dave: and the copylock to add the protection to the video
12:51:11 PM: Dave: but EVERYTHING is in the instructions
12:51:13 PM: Theo: and the copy lock to protect it
12:51:22 PM: Dave: which you can read once you've installed the adobe reader
12:51:26 PM: Theo: that good
12:51:29 PM: Dave: :-)
12:51:34 PM: Dave: bye for now theo
12:51:45 PM: Theo: thanks a lot
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