I am looking for cd/dvd copier and printer.

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I am looking for cd/dvd copier and printer.

Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:45 pm

Fred: I am looking for cd/dvd copier and printer. I am not
sure if the light scribe duplicator does it

11:20:52 AM: Callum: Hi Fred
11:21:01 AM: Fred: Hi Callum
11:21:12 AM: Callum: The Lightscribe duplicator will allow you to burn and
11:21:32 AM: Callum: However you would not be able to print full colour;
only thermal monochrome
11:22:00 AM: Fred: I would like to print full colour
11:22:22 AM: Callum: Ok, how many discs would you be looking to produce per
week/per month?
11:23:28 AM: Fred: I would be producing about 100 a week?
11:25:40 AM: Fred: Does the light scibe does full colour printing
11:25:45 AM: Callum: Ok, you might want to look at the Primera DP4101 or
11:27:02 AM: Callum: DP4101 -
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/prime ... tra-ink-se
11:27:33 AM: Callum: DP4102 -
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/prime ... tra-ink-se
11:29:57 AM: Callum: These units have 100 disc capacity and are able to burn
and print in full colour
11:30:03 AM: Fred: I have looked at the product and then price is not
affordable. I am trying to support a music group in Africa and I a am
looking at the possibility of producing their audio cd. I am looking for a
bit reasinale product.
11:30:16 AM: Callum: The Lightscribe will not allow you to print in colour
11:30:26 AM: Callum: You can only print in grayscale
11:31:09 AM: Fred: Is there a smaller version?
11:36:20 AM: Fred: Thanks for your help
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