Primera SE worked fine on old laptop but that has now broken

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Primera SE worked fine on old laptop but that has now broken

Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:47 pm

have a Primera SE duplicator - it worked fine on old
laptop but that has now broken - so I try to use it on my new laptop and the
laptop does not add it as a new printer

2:57:54 PM: mike: Hi Dave
2:57:55 PM: Dave: Hi Mike
2:58:19 PM: mike: hi - do you see my Q - how do I get me new laptop tp
recognise the CD printer?
2:58:30 PM: Dave: ok - are you running windows 7?
2:58:47 PM: Dave: and also, did you install drivers from the original disc?
or download them from
2:59:00 PM: mike: erm- not sure - it's a nwish printer - less than 1 yr - an
Acer - I think it is window7 yep
2:59:45 PM: Dave: ok, it's probably a drivers issue then....
2:59:50 PM: Dave: do you have the SE printer or publihjer?
2:59:52 PM: Dave: *publisher
2:59:58 PM: Dave: the publisher will have a DVD-rw drive in it
3:00:52 PM: mike: (its an SE) I do not really know if I have installed the
drivers or not - I had the old 'software' disk - and I put in the CD drive
of the laptop - it booted up a 'startup' progam - ticked thru the arrowstc
- but then at the end of it - it said it did not recognise priner or
3:01:06 PM: Dave: ok - that will be drivers
3:01:14 PM: Dave: you can download the newest drivers via this link: ... -32-64.exe
3:01:26 PM: Dave: you'll then need to look at these instructions@: ... tion-EN.pd
3:01:33 PM: Dave: and it will guide you through what to do
3:02:35 PM: mike: ok - hopefuly it will work - incidentally - I did manage
to get the 'surefire CD printer' program working (somehow) - where you c
design your disk etc
3:02:43 PM: Dave: oh sorry, it seems that last link is broken
3:03:02 PM: Dave: yes, the surething works on all versions of windows, so
that should be fine
3:03:38 PM: mike: ok - do you know the correct link for the seconpart?
3:03:46 PM: mike: second part
3:05:15 PM: Dave: I can try and find the USA version, one moment
3:05:38 PM: Dave: try this: ... 0365662901
3:05:48 PM: mike: ps - when I go to 'control panel' and look at the printers
that my laptop recognises - it can see a few in the top part - but below the
line it has 'unrecognised' and then below that line it sws the CD printer -
so ehow it knows it is there - but does not recognise it - and cannot print
to it - does this sound familiar?
3:06:06 PM: Dave: yes, that is drivers
3:06:13 PM: Dave: download the first link I sent you, and run the file
3:07:06 PM: mike: ok - great - will try it later - thanks for the answers :)
3:07:13 PM: Dave: then use the instructions
3:07:55 PM: mike: ok - thanks again - good bye
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