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CD Duplicator, 5 diive. hv u got 3 disc duplicastor?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:47 pm
by The Skunk
1:51:13 PM: Jen: Hi Quasam
1:51:33 PM: Jen: We do a 1-3 duplicator, you can see it here:
1:51:39 PM: Jen: ... emium-copy
1:52:47 PM: Quasam: does that means it duplicates 3 discs at same time
1:52:54 PM: Jen: yes
1:53:11 PM: Jen: from your master disc you will make 3 copies at once
1:53:34 PM: Quasam: can i order with u, now with special discount
1:54:28 PM: Jen: I'm afraid it's already discounted online, so I can't do
any further discount I'm afraid.
1:54:36 PM: Jen: it's very cheap already!
1:55:20 PM: Quasam: U see I am giving away in donation to a foreign charity
2:01:46 PM: Quasam: Does it work independant of computer, or cumouter
2:03:04 PM: Jen: no computer required, just plug it into the electricity and
away you go!
2:04:11 PM: Quasam: what else u can advice me about this product
2:05:24 PM: Jen: not much - it's very simple and easy to use. You can have
the optional inbuilt harddrive that allows for faster and more stable
burning, and you can upgrade from Sony drives to Pioneer drives.
2:05:45 PM: Jen: If you click on 'Click here to reveal the options to
customise this product.' you can see the options/prices
2:06:38 PM: Quasam: I will check and come back 2 u