I need a quote for a Disc burner- we would be burning pot...

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I need a quote for a Disc burner- we would be burning pot...

Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:49 pm

I need a quote for a Disc burner- we would be
burning potentially 1000 dvds a week. It needs to be compatible with Apple
MAC also.

2:11:45 PM: Dave: Hi Gillian
2:11:50 PM: Gillian : Hi Dave
2:12:13 PM: Dave: I believe I already sent you a quote via E-mail...
2:12:21 PM: Dave: you were looking for a print and burn solution, is that
2:13:12 PM: Dave: What kind of budget do you have?
2:13:35 PM: Dave: 1000 discs a week requires a fairly high spec machine
2:14:19 PM: Gillian : at this stage all I need is a quote as we are a
charity and will be seeking funding for this particular project
2:15:06 PM: Dave: ok, well I believe the two quotes I sent you yesterday
would be your best bet for that kind of quantity
2:16:25 PM: Dave: if you're looking to keep costs as low as possible, you
could go for one of our Eco duplicators:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/cd-dv ... emium-copy
2:16:47 PM: Dave: sorry, the economy one is here:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/ecodu ... vd-duplica
2:17:01 PM: Dave: you would then need to combine that with a printer, but
1000 discs a week is a high volume
2:17:46 PM: Dave: so you'd need a very ink efficieny system
2:17:55 PM: Dave: will this be 1000 discs a week, every week?
2:18:24 PM: Gillian : It will be this quantity for around 8 weeks- it is
a theatre production
2:18:54 PM: Dave: ok
2:19:35 PM: Dave: reason I ask... is that there are cheaper entry level
printers available, but 1) they are not designed for that kind of quantity
(rather 300-350 per Month) and most importantly (2) the cheaper the printer,
the more expensive the ink and the cost of printing per disc
2:21:25 PM: Dave: This printer might be good for you:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/prime ... nk-set-fre
2:21:30 PM: Dave: it works on a Mac too
2:21:38 PM: Dave: its sort of a "middle of the range" kind of printer
2:21:49 PM: Gillian : Is this a burner aswell?
2:21:53 PM: Dave: no, print only
2:22:02 PM: Dave: for 1000 discs a week you'd have to get two seperate units
2:22:14 PM: Dave: a publisher (that prints and burns) although automatic -
just wouldn't handle that kind of volume
2:22:16 PM: Gillian : Oh ok. Flip this is expensive.
2:22:21 PM: Dave: expecially for DVD
2:23:00 PM: Dave: most publishers have 1 or 2 DVD drives.... so you're
looking at only 6-12 discs per hour with a publisher
2:23:04 PM: Dave: maximum
2:23:24 PM: Dave: a seperate tower and printer - well.... the 11 tower can
produce 66 discs per hour
2:23:40 PM: Dave: and the printer can do a full face full colour print in
approximately 6 seconds
2:24:39 PM: Dave: I take it you need a solution where you can produce the
discs during the tour, after the shows?
2:25:51 PM: Dave: Still there Gillian?
2:29:15 PM: Gillian : Hi sorry, just had to answer the phone!
2:30:06 PM: Gillian : Yes, that is what we need to do- the units that you
have suggested previously are they our only options?
2:30:44 PM: Dave: well if you're looking to get the discs made and printed
as quickly as possible, and in those kind of quantities... yes I'm afraid
thats really the only way forward
2:30:58 PM: Dave: a publisher will 100% be too slow to do that
2:31:00 PM: Gillian : Ok.
2:31:15 PM: Gillian : I will put this to our artistic director, thanks
for your help.
2:31:21 PM: Dave: and even with a tower and seperate printer - you're still
looking at taking 16 hours to create 1000 discs
2:31:38 PM: Dave: (Full 4.7GB DVDs that is)
2:32:25 PM: Gillian : oh, when you say 16hrs to create 1000, that doesn't
seem too bad- what are my options here
2:32:51 PM: Dave: well yes, that would be with the 11 tower and printer
2:33:12 PM: Dave: but the tower is manual loading, so although its fast...
it requires someone to load/unload the dsics
2:33:24 PM: Gillian : We would have that
2:33:30 PM: Gillian : option
2:33:52 PM: Dave: ok .... I do think that would be the best way forward then
2:34:42 PM: Gillian : And then which printer?
2:35:40 PM: Dave: well, if budget allows, I'd suggest the Microboards
PF-PRO, mainly because of the ink efficiency. If you're planning on doing
full face full colour discs, that printer can do approx 1000-1400 discs per
set of cartridges
2:36:03 PM: Dave: its also designed for heavy use, so is much more durable
2:36:17 PM: Gillian : Can you get pre printed dvds?
2:36:41 PM: Dave: Yes, infact we do offer a service like that
2:36:53 PM: Gillian : That might work.
2:36:57 PM: Dave: including the disc, its £0.60 per disc I believe
2:36:58 PM: Dave: + VAT
2:37:25 PM: Dave: alternatively we could get them screen printed for you -
which takes approx 14 working days
2:37:35 PM: Gillian : Would you mind detailing all of this in an email to
me, with a quote for the cd dvd duplicator, great!
2:37:42 PM: Gillian : Thank you!!
2:37:48 PM: Dave: no problem Gillian
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