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we are looking for a cd print and write solution.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:52 pm
by The Skunk
we are looking for a cd print and write solution.
normally 10-20 CDs a day.
each one is unique

9:58:16 AM: Dave: Hi Matt
9:58:20 AM: matt : hi dave
9:59:42 AM: matt : we normally produce 10-20 audio CDs a day, curently
we use lightscribe discs, but are looking for a faster print method, that
will also allow auto writing of the audio tracks
10:00:00 AM: Dave: ok Matt, I'm sure thats something I can help you with
10:00:09 AM: Dave: are you making 20 discs a day, 5 days a week?
10:00:17 AM: Dave: and do you see that increasing at all in future?
10:00:18 AM: matt : yes
10:00:38 AM: matt : hopefully not going up much more than the 20 a day!
10:01:03 AM: Dave: Only reason I ask, is it sounds like the entry level
publisher would be good for your needs if you're not doing more than 20 a
10:01:04 AM: matt : they are a pain to do!
10:01:13 AM: Dave: that would be this system: ... -100-discs
10:01:31 AM: Dave: It is PC and Mac compatible, has capacity for 20 discs,
it sully automatic for both printing and burning
10:01:53 AM: matt : what is the cost per disc on average for that unit?
10:02:04 AM: Dave: well, thats where they get you!
10:02:13 AM: Dave: the entry level systems are more expensive to run I'm
10:02:31 AM: Dave: if you're doing full face full colour, that system (with
the standard cartridge) is about £0.40 per disc
10:02:52 AM: Dave: however you can buy high capacity cartridges that work
for that system, which reduces the cost to approximately £0.25 per disc
10:02:56 AM: matt : is that including the disc?
10:03:03 AM: Dave: again, based on a full face full colour print
10:03:06 AM: Dave: no, that is just the print
10:03:17 AM: matt : what are the costs for the cd media?
10:03:30 AM: Dave: ie, if you're printing 25% coverage of the disc, it'll be
£0.10 per disc with the standard cartridge
10:04:11 AM: Dave: cd media, I believe inkjet CD-R's are currently £11.50 +
VAT per 100: ... le-cdr-80-
10:05:01 AM: matt : do you know the transfer method to get images/data
to the printer? as we may want to automate the production, and would
problably do this via are linux based machines.
10:05:03 AM: Dave: but you can also get glossy watershield discs: ... d-printabl
10:05:22 AM: Dave: well the system connects and operates via USB
10:05:53 AM: Dave: and custom integration with Linux is something I'd have
to research, as it depends what you're running and how you intend to use it
10:06:02 AM: Dave: there are no linux drivers for the system
10:06:06 AM: Dave: so I'm not sure that would be possible
10:06:31 AM: matt : ok, what about intergration with other windows
10:06:39 AM: Dave: however via a PC, there is software available (at
additional cost) that would allow network control of the duplciator
10:07:08 AM: Dave: it is possible, but again depends on what software you
have and what you are expecting it to do
10:07:14 AM: matt : is there any details about the network software?
10:08:04 AM: matt : the software would be custom written by myself, and
would normally produce an image file, and an bin/cue image file
10:08:08 AM: Dave:
10:08:28 AM: Dave: brochure here:
10:09:49 AM: Dave: but these entry level machines aren't really designed
with custom programming in min
10:09:56 AM: Dave: that would be a much more high end spec machine
10:10:02 AM: Dave: I think the best option would be to buy the network
10:10:17 AM: Dave: then get your custom program to drop the files into the
shared network folder
10:10:24 AM: Dave: which would get the machine to start automaticallyt
10:11:01 AM: matt : any idea what the file formats are for the files to
be printed/writen?
10:11:20 AM: Dave: well the software accepts tif, JPG - most commom formatss
10:11:29 AM: Dave: as I say, those entry level systems are more for end
10:11:48 AM: Dave: you might have to integrate with some software called
PTBurn - the Primera SDK
10:12:24 AM: Dave: You can contact Primera directly via this link:
10:12:31 AM: matt : ok, do you have any similar printers that are below
the 1k mark?
10:12:46 AM: Dave: I'm afraid not ones that are automated Matt
10:12:57 AM: matt : thanks
10:12:58 AM: Dave: that is the entry level system that burns & prints
10:13:09 AM: Dave: there is nothing cheaper on the market
10:13:43 AM: matt : ok, thanks for the information.
10:14:07 AM: Dave: no problem. If you send me an E-mail with your specific
requirements to
10:14:13 AM: Dave: I'll see what I can find out re SDK for you
10:14:54 AM: Dave: if you want to send a bin file and image automatically
from a third party software, I'm pretty sure you'll need PT Burn
10:15:17 AM: Dave: or at the very least, the Network software for the
Primera (which we sell
10:18:38 AM: Dave: PT Publisher NE software is £380 + VAT
10:19:19 AM: matt : ok, will look into it some more.
10:19:21 AM: Dave: but if you're only controlling from 1 PC - the included
software would be more than sufficient I think - its a 3 step process
10:19:37 AM: Dave: choose the ISO/Bin file - choose the artwork - choose how
many copies
10:19:39 AM: Dave: and away you go
10:20:09 AM: Dave: that software is free - you can view it here: ... v2.1.8.exe
10:22:36 AM: Dave: anything else I can help with Matt?
10:23:08 AM: matt : no thanks
10:23:45 AM: Dave: ok - let me know if you need more info
10:23:49 AM: Dave: speak to you soon