Need a price for a controller

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Need a price for a controller

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:57 am

5:54:10 PM: Callum: Hi Red
5:54:35 PM: red: i need a 1 to three controller
5:54:57 PM: red: how much
5:55:01 PM: Callum: for which duplicator?
5:55:41 PM: red: any 1 to three type
5:56:17 PM: red: acard brand
5:57:21 PM: red: hello
5:59:23 PM: Callum: Sorry Red, I have just been to check for you.
Unfortunately we can only supply the last remaing controllers we hav inside new duplicators.
6:00:01 PM: red: ok what is cost
6:01:24 PM: Callum: ... emium-copy
6:01:33 PM: Callum: £222 inc vat
6:02:05 PM: red: ok what is cost
6:02:19 PM: Callum: £222 inc vat
6:03:37 PM: red: us amount in dollar i dont under stand cost
6:04:36 PM: Callum: 351.5814 U.S. dollars
6:05:04 PM: red: for just a controller?
6:05:11 PM: Callum: where are you based
6:05:16 PM: Callum: no
6:05:22 PM: red: dayton ohio
6:05:26 PM: Callum: whole 3 drive copier
6:06:20 PM: red: will a 5 to one work if so how much
6:06:55 PM: Callum: should do.
6:07:07 PM: Callum: unfortunately we do not ship to the usa
6:07:37 PM: red: how do i get product
6:07:57 PM: Callum: If you google a vinpower 1-3 duplicator you should be able to get something locally
6:08:07 PM: Callum: sorry
6:08:11 PM: red: ok thanks
6:08:17 PM: Callum: no prob
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