DVD Duplicator doesn't work

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DVD Duplicator doesn't work

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:31 pm

4:10:18 PM: chris: we are currently using a DVD duplicator that produces disks with video formats that do not always seem to work on certain desktop machines. The machine is quite old (4 years). If we purchased your StorDigital Premium CopyTower 11 machine, do you think we will be able to produce more reliable disks?

4:11:32 PM: Callum: Hi Chris
4:11:54 PM: chris: hi callum
4:12:23 PM: Callum: When you say that the discs do not work, do you mean they are not recognized by the PC or files simply won't play?
4:13:56 PM: chris: the video files are .wmv and .avi and they appear to be corrup on certain machines (Windows 7 64 bit) but on others (same spec) they work OK. Puzzling?!
4:17:09 PM: chris: on the master disk the videos play on all machines...
4:19:02 PM: Callum: Could you please provide the serial number of your duplicator (which will be displayed on the back of your duplicator on a white sticker)
4:19:46 PM: chris: we'll get this now - this wasn't one of your machines originally though...
4:20:10 PM: Callum: So this isn't a StorDigital Duplicator?
4:21:22 PM: chris: no - we don't know what the maufacturer is - there is no indication! We are considering buying your StorDigital Premium CopyTower 11 machine - in the hope that this will solve the problem.
4:21:59 PM: chris: the serial number of our device is B7061BA010174
4:24:51 PM: Callum: Ahh ok well our premium StorDigital towers can copy most content so it shouldn't be a problem.
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