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2:00:51 PM: Callum: Hi Theo
2:01:01 PM: Theo: hi
2:01:04 PM: Theo: is
2:01:10 PM: Theo: Dave around?
2:01:53 PM: Callum: he is out at the moment
2:02:21 PM: Theo: i just wanted to know aboutlisences
2:07:03 PM: Callum: he should be back soon
2:07:29 PM: Callum: what did you need to know?
2:15:32 PM: * Operator Callum has invited Dave to join this conversation.
Currently in room: Callum, Dave, Theo.
2:18:01 PM: Dave: Hi Theo
2:22:58 PM: Theo: hi
2:23:33 PM: Dave: hope you are well! How can I help?
2:24:12 PM: Theo: do u still have that package of 5 licenses?
2:24:33 PM: Dave: Yes we can still offer that
2:25:26 PM: Theo: at the same price as last time?
2:25:37 PM: Dave: Yes it would be the same price
2:26:35 PM: Theo: but there is noway this duplicator can copy protect without using licenses? they are costing me much Dave!!
2:27:32 PM: Dave: Sadly not Theo, the copy protection is quite valuable as a tool as it stops other people taking your work illegally
2:27:46 PM: Dave: you just have to factor in the cost when you sell your DVDs
2:28:23 PM: Theo: ok
2:29:24 PM: Theo: is it possible 4 u to update the next licenses u ll send me?
2:29:38 PM: Theo: coz people have unlocked the first ones
2:30:01 PM: Dave: I'm afraid I don't have the ability to do that
2:30:26 PM: Dave: sadly someone will always find a way. If we release a new one, within a week someone will have broken the protection
2:30:43 PM: Dave: but our protection is more secure than a normal commercial DVD
2:30:44 PM: Theo: God!!
2:30:56 PM: Dave: Sad but true Theo
2:30:58 PM: Dave: :-(
2:31:36 PM: Theo: anyway, i don't have any choice
2:32:00 PM: Dave: Would you like me to send you a new quote for the licensees?
2:32:29 PM: Theo: yeah, i gonna collect money and then see whether i can transfer within this week
2:33:15 PM: Theo: what about its service?
2:33:30 PM: Dave: service?
2:33:45 PM: Theo: for the duplicator
2:34:02 PM: Dave: Those systems don't really need a service
2:34:24 PM: Theo: even drives?
2:34:34 PM: Dave: well, the drives have a limited lifespan
2:34:44 PM: Dave: so there is nothing you can do to extend them
2:35:03 PM: Theo: how long is it?
2:35:37 PM: Dave: it is not exact, but usually between 5000-8000 discs per drive
2:35:56 PM: Dave: but this depends on storage conditions, environment, room temperature etc
2:36:02 PM: Dave: there are many factors
2:37:09 PM: Theo: but if it no longer works, i can replace it?
2:40:30 PM: Dave: Yes, the drives are upgradable if required
3:00:41 PM: Theo: thanks, waiting for the quote
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