Regarding StorDigital HCL 1000 Disc Premium Robocopier

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Regarding StorDigital HCL 1000 Disc Premium Robocopier

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:39 pm

2:14:35 PM: Dave: hi Mustapha
2:14:37 PM: Dave: How can i help?
2:15:44 PM: mustapha: l dave i wonted to know if my StorDigital HCL 1000 Disc Premium Robocopier can be upgraded
2:16:00 PM: Dave: Upgraded how? To Blu-ray?
2:16:57 PM: mustapha: drives unit not blueray
2:17:37 PM: Dave: How do you want to upgrade the system?
2:19:20 PM: mustapha: changing the drives that are better the ones i have in but not to bluray ,one of them is playing up
2:21:25 PM: Dave: What is the serial number of your current machine Mustapha? I'd have to check if it's upgradable for you
2:22:57 PM: mustapha: where is the serial no on the manchine i will have to go and check it
2:23:13 PM: Dave: it should be on the side or back of the drive housing
2:23:20 PM: Dave: there will be a white sticker
2:23:23 PM: Dave: with 6 digits on
2:23:53 PM: mustapha: hang on i will go and check
2:24:11 PM: Dave: ok
2:25:36 PM: mustapha: 004357
2:26:17 PM: Dave: Thanks mustapha.... sadly that serial number is from an older generation of HCL units - so the system can't really be upgraded
2:26:32 PM: Dave: What we might be able to do is source a replacement drive for you
2:26:43 PM: Dave: which matches the make and model of the ones you currently have in the system?
2:27:26 PM: mustapha: yes thats what i need
2:29:13 PM: Dave: ok - I will need you to open a support ticket for me if thats ok:
2:29:54 PM: mustapha: yes how much for two of them
2:31:20 PM: Dave: We'd have to check which drives you have in the system before we can give you a price
2:31:35 PM: mustapha: ok
2:31:41 PM: Dave: Once you open the ticket, you'll be given instructions on how to determine what drives you have in the system
2:33:33 PM: mustapha: ok thanks
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