Director 2 Drive CD/DVD copier

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Director 2 Drive CD/DVD copier

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:50 pm

10:56:41 AM: Frank: Director 2 Drive CD/DVD copier (300 disc), lift and retrieve arm appears to need callibration. Currently trying to load a CD from the CD copier unit and not from the blank disc feed

10:57:43 AM: Frank: Hi Callum, presume it was yourself I was talking to on the phone a while ago?
10:58:04 AM: Callum: Hi Frank yes it was me
10:59:25 AM: Frank: OK - went upstairs and had a look at the machine, currently the arm appears to be in the wrong position when loading. It's trying to load from the CD write tray as opposed to the blanks stack ?
11:15:15 AM: Callum: I see. Ok as I mentioned I don't personally have any experience with these units so it's probably be best to speak to our specialist technician (who unfortunately won't be available until Monday
11:15:31 AM: Callum: In the meantime you might want to submit the ticket if you haven't done so already..
11:38:48 AM: Frank: Great, thanks Callum, enjoy the weekend !
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