How much is the Epson PP100-AP Autoprinter?

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How much is the Epson PP100-AP Autoprinter?

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:52 pm

11:43:14 AM: Jen: Hi Ellaine
11:43:14 AM: ellaine: hello
11:43:14 AM: Jen: The Epson PP100-AP is currently priced at £1749 exc VAT.
11:43:14 AM: ellaine: just want to ask how much is the Epson PP-100N Network DiscProducer with £200 CASH BACK until 31/03/2012, EPSON in philippines money?
11:43:14 AM: Jen: You can see it on our website here:
11:43:14 AM: Jen: ... p-180301.h
11:43:14 AM: Jen: I'm afraid we only sell in GBP, so you'd have to calculate the exchange rate yourself.
11:43:14 AM: Jen: Are you in the Phillipines?
11:43:14 AM: ellaine: yes
11:43:14 AM: ellaine: still there?
11:43:14 AM: Jen: hi - yes
11:43:14 AM: Jen: we don't normally ship to the Phillipines... would you be able to arrange your own courier to collect? Also, we'd need payment by money transfer
11:43:14 AM: Jen: rather than credit card or paypal
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