Best way to provide students software they are entitled too

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Best way to provide students software they are entitled too

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:00 pm

9:38:02 AM:Richard: I work at University and I am investigating the best way to provide our students/Staff with software they are entitled too.

We have some software items under site licenses and the software suppliers have agreed that we can provide the software to users y burning it to DVD. I am looking at the cost of the following:

Provide a DVD burner which can re-produce either Duel layer or 4.7GB DVD's.

Being able to print out University logo on the DVD would also be an advantage.

I need to know the cost of the equipment and the consumables (DVD's which can be used for printing)

Also wallets and their cost.


9:38:24 AM: Jen: hi richard
9:38:37 AM: Richard: Hi
9:39:24 AM: Richard: Can you look at my question above and check prices for me?
9:39:47 AM: Richard: Also do you supply any other university?
9:42:26 AM: Jen: yes we supply many universities around the UK. You are automatically given 30 day credit terms if you purchase something by sending us an 'official' purchase order.
9:43:17 AM: Jen: there are quite a few options for copying and printing the DVDs, mainly limited by budget.... have you got a rough idea of the budget you have?
9:46:42 AM: Richard: At the moment I am just finding out costs.
currently we use our own machines to burn DVD's which can take some time to reproduce 3-5 copies. I just want some costs and report back on the protential cost savings. I am looking at the Lightscribe 5 DVD tower but are therre any other options available which will burn DVD and print on them as well?
9:47:28 AM: Jen: Sure - the entry level automated all-in-one inkjet solution is the Primera SE Publisher, you can see it here:
9:47:29 AM: Jen: ... -100-discs
9:48:16 AM: Jen: this uses inkjet printing, so you can print fullface, full colour images (Lightscribe is a monochrome print)
9:48:35 AM: Jen: Inkjet dvds cost around £0.14 exc vat, and plastic wallets cost £0.025 exc vat 9:50:10 AM: Jen: The other option is to have a tower duplicator (available in different sizes, ie 5 target, 7 target, 11 target), and then have a separate inkjet printer, which will give you a faster throughput than the all-in-one unit. But it does require manual loading of the discs into the tower copier.
9:53:25 AM: Richard: Ok so the lighscribe is in monochrome rather than colour. I assume both the Primera and lighscribe require a Pc to be acttached? Does that mean I can qucikly change the design on the disc if required? How fast will the Primera replicate a duel layer DVD?
9:55:53 AM: Richard: If I send you a design would it be possible for you to provide the DVD output from the primera and from the lighscribe.
I really don't think monochrome printing is a big disadvantage
9:56:20 AM: Jen: If you like I can get a colleauge to give you a call so you can discuss, to be honest my technical knowledge is a bit limited and it's definitely important to ensure you get the right solution for your needs
9:57:02 AM: Jen: you can of course call us on 0208 293 0777, or if you let me know your phone number i can get someone to call you this morning?
10:00:21 AM: Richard: I am a bit busy this morning can you make it this afternoon.
10:01:01 AM: Jen: sure, thanks
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