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Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:19 pm

11:11:28 AM: Rachel: Please could you give us a rough idea of how much it works out per label, at the moment it costs us 2p each via a offsite priner.
The labels we have printed at the moment are 20mm x 65mm.
Label + Ink etc,etc

This is the model we are interested in:
LX900e Color Label Printer, Primera
MPN: 74411
Manufacturer: Primera

Also we would need to use water resistant labels is this possible? Many Thanks

11:12:07 AM: Dave: hi Rachel,
11:12:17 AM: Dave: I'm afraid the cost per print depends entirely on your design
11:12:23 AM: Dave: which colours are used etc
11:13:10 AM: Dave: if you send me the artwork, I can send it to Primera to see if they can get a rough estimated number of prints from a full set of cartridges
11:13:22 AM: Dave: from that, I can then give you the cost for printing
11:13:26 AM: Dave: but that would exclude the label
11:14:00 AM: Rachel: Hi Dave, as you will see just need a rough idea of cost per label to see if its worth us printing our own labels, the colour is limited, thanks
11:14:20 AM: Dave: its impossible to say Rachel... I'd need to see the design
11:14:33 AM: Rachel: ok, how shall i send design?
11:14:41 AM: Dave: can you E-mail it to me?
11:14:53 AM: Dave: it might take primera a while to respond, but I'll get an anwer to you asap
11:14:59 AM: Rachel: can i do it via the file send in chat window?
11:15:10 AM: Dave: would you also want the cost of the labels to do it yourself?
11:15:15 AM: Dave: E-mail would be more preferable
11:15:18 AM: Dave: if thats possible
11:16:26 AM: Rachel: have you got it ok?
11:17:03 AM: Dave: Yes
11:17:11 AM: Dave: I'll see if I can get some estimates for you.
11:18:59 AM: Rachel: Have you a price for the blank labels for the printer LX900e Color Label Printer, Primera
MPN: 74411 would need to be water resistant, thanks Rachel
11:24:59 AM: Dave: I'm just having a look for you now
11:25:07 AM: Dave: I think those labels might be a special size
11:25:16 AM: Rachel: ok, no hurry:)
11:25:20 AM: Dave: as most labels for that printer are somewhat squarer
11:26:27 AM: Rachel: could we not have 2 up on one label ? does it cut it?
11:26:47 AM: Dave: it doesn't cut it, no
11:27:16 AM: Rachel: do you have any other machines that could print these labels on a water resistant label?
11:27:31 AM: Dave: well the lx900e will print them
11:27:40 AM: Dave: and we do have some labels that are waterresistant
11:27:52 AM: Dave: but I honestly think they'll be custom labels you need to get made
11:27:59 AM: Dave: so its going to be more than 2p per label
11:28:01 AM: Dave: almost certainly
11:28:49 AM: Dave: Yes, it seems labels that small would have to be custom made
11:29:03 AM: Dave: if you'd have to fit several onto a standard label (which would help keep costs down)
11:29:10 AM: Dave: but then you'd have the problem of cutting them
11:29:34 AM: Rachel: ok, thanks for your help, just making sure there wasn't another solution, best wishes Rachel
11:29:45 AM: Dave: no problem
11:29:49 AM: Rachel: bye
11:29:52 AM: Dave: bye!
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