Broken StorDigital dvd duplicator

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Broken StorDigital dvd duplicator

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:28 pm

10:03:45 AM: Callum: Hi Michael
10:03:50 AM: Michael: HI Callum
10:03:59 AM: Callum: How can I help?
10:05:30 AM: Michael: We have a Stordigital 11 drive duplicator (dvd). We did buy it from yourselves but was over a year and a half ago so out of warranty. It's lost all power and we're in the middle of a duplication job, so wondered a) how your repair service worked and b) whats the best way to get a replacement asap - if poss by tomorrow?!
10:07:34 AM: Callum: Ok. So you are completely unable to power up the unit?
10:08:31 AM: Michael: yes - we've tried a number of power supplies with no luck. It was mid duplicating and 'popped' off, and also tripped all of our mains!
10:11:56 AM: Callum: Ok we should be able to repair it
10:12:12 AM: Callum: You will need to visit
10:12:18 AM: Callum: And submit a support ticket
10:13:09 AM: Michael: ok, will they be able to advise on how long it takes? Just with being mid duplication job.
10:15:52 AM: Callum: They should be able to give you a rough estimation in regards to the duration of the repair
10:16:07 AM: Michael: ok thanks.
10:16:28 AM: Callum: But it all depends on how many repairs we have on the list to be honest
10:17:56 AM: Michael Pentney: yeah understandable. Do you do rental on duplicators? Or as an alternative if we were to order another one such as ... al-printto
wer-11-drive-cd-dvd-copier-sata-stordigital-systems-p-180367.html would you be able to deliver by tomorrow?
10:19:33 AM: Callum: We do offer a hire service on our duplicators however it wouldn't be this one. It would be a 7 drive unit
10:20:51 AM: Michael: what kind of price is that to rent? Trying to weigh up if its better to buy a new one or repair/ rent. Obviously we'd get the other one repaired but as a way to get these jobs done we'll need something in asap.
10:22:33 AM: Callum: Well to hire there's a £300 deposit. Then you would have to pay £25 + VAT per day of hire and there is a minimum of a 4 day hire. Shipping to you would also be £10 + VAT
10:24:04 AM: Michael: ok, thanks. And if we did that would it be with us next day? Also can you advise if the duplicator i sent the link for
- is that in stock? If we were to buy that today could it get shipped for tomorrow?
10:28:33 AM: Callum: If payment was processed and was in order then yes I should imagine you would be able to have it by tomorrow
10:35:49 AM: Callum: FYI that link is for a lightscribe print tower duplicator. Do you specifically need a lightscribe duplicator or do you just need a standard 11 tower copier?
10:43:52 AM: Michael: ... emium-copy
10:43:52 AM: Michael: hi - no, actually we don't need lightscribe - so would something like this be a better option:
10:44:25 AM: Michael: Or is there any other? We'd prefer at least 10 writing drives in the unit (instead of 7)
10:50:38 AM: Michael: what's the best phone number to ring to make an order? I think we'll go ahead and buy one (hopefully to receive by
10:50:59 AM: Callum: Ok you call me on 020 8293 0777. Ask for Callum
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