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Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:32 pm

12:25:05 PM: Joey: is callum available? he sent me a file but i have only just tried to download it and it says it has expired.

12:25:43 PM: Callum: Hi Joey
12:25:47 PM: Joey : hi callum
12:25:47 PM: Callum: Was it for the DP-100?
12:25:50 PM: Joey: indeed
12:25:56 PM: Joey: basically
12:26:03 PM: Joey: the pc that i had it installed on died
12:26:13 PM: Joey: so now i have a new pc so need to do fresh install
12:26:32 PM: Joey Saunders: and the file you sent me will not dl
12:26:33 PM: Callum: So you need me to send you files again, correct?
12:26:38 PM: Joey: says file has expirted
12:26:41 PM: Joey: yes
12:26:46 PM: Joey: thanks callum
12:26:49 PM: Callum: What operating system are you using now?
12:27:00 PM: Joey: windows 7
12:31:58 PM: Joey: is printer compatible with this OS
12:32:46 PM: Joey: I had not thought about it until you just messaged
12:33:09 PM: Callum: It is but you might need to run the software as administrator
12:33:24 PM: Joey: ok
12:33:53 PM: Callum: Which will entail right clicking the software and selecting 'Run as Administrator' instead of the usual left clicking of the icon to open the software
12:34:39 PM: Joey: ok
12:34:58 PM: Joey: my original problem was that no asjustments were happening
12:35:01 PM: Joey: eg
12:35:05 PM: Joey: not making lighter
12:35:09 PM: Joey: etc......
12:39:11 PM: Callum: Ohh ok well leave me your e-mail address and I'll send the files over to you a bit later on..
12:39:27 PM: Joey: thanks callum
12:39:35 PM: Joey: sorry to take so much of your time
12:40:22 PM: Callum: No problem. I'll get that sent over sometime today
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