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I'm looking to copy a usb drive with 23gb of data

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:38 pm
by The Skunk
11:59:20 AM: Steve:
I'm looking to copy a usb drive with 23gb of data, and i need 500 copies, as this is a one off job a x7 duplicator is probably fine.
Just wondering if this is ok with this much data and how quickly it would do it?

11:59:54 AM: Dave: Hi Steve,
12:00:13 PM: Dave: ok, copytime generally depends on how many files you have 12:00:30 PM: Dave: if its 23GB of any small files, it takes longer than 25GB of several larger files
12:00:37 PM: Dave: *23GB
12:01:20 PM: Steve: ah right ok, will be a mixture so hard to say
12:01:55 PM: Steve: but this machine would be ok to do the job?
12:02:13 PM: Dave: ok... well normally you can expect 1gb per minute if its larger files
12:02:21 PM: Steve: copying from a laptop unit to a blank stick started at 8am this morning and is still going so not ideal for 500 copies.
12:02:29 PM: Dave: but yes, that machine would be fine
12:02:37 PM: Dave: or we can do the job for you
12:02:57 PM: Steve: oh right, howmuch would it cost?
12:03:32 PM: Dave: £0.95 + vat per copy
12:03:40 PM: Dave: if you provide the usb sticks
12:03:56 PM: Steve: ok, how much for ur sticks, assuming we will need 32gb ones.
12:05:08 PM: Dave: i'd have to check for you
12:05:27 PM: Steve: if you could that would be gr8, do you do company logos on sticks also?
12:06:31 PM: Dave: mind if i take you e-mail?
12:06:37 PM: Dave: i'll have to let you know
12:06:49 PM: Dave: but yes we can do logos too
12:07:48 PM: Steve: we used to use cd team, but it seems they gone into administration
12:09:32 PM: Steve: I'll leave it with you then, if you could provide price with drives, with logos/without logos, and advise of how long it would take.
Altertativley we'll get the machine and if you could let me know how quick it could be delivered if we went ahead. Many thanks, Steve
12:15:02 PM: Steve: assume you have gone, speak to you later then.
12:15:10 PM: Dave: sorry stve
12:15:14 PM: Dave: will e-mail you asap
12:15:19 PM: Steve: ok ta