Just pruchased a Primera Sig Z1 from you

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Just pruchased a Primera Sig Z1 from you

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:44 pm

12:19:23 PM: Mike: Help, just pruchased a Primera Sig Z1 from you and I don't seem to be able to load the drivers for it

12:19:33 PM: Callum: Hi Mike
12:20:20 PM: Callum: Have you checked the manufacturer's website or contacted them for support?
12:21:01 PM: Mike: its all proformas, can' t contact them in real time 12:22:10 PM: Callum: What problems are you experiencing? Are you getting any error messages?
12:24:42 PM: Mike: loaded printer software ok, when I press the print. button get message "please reset printer and try again"
12:26:36 PM: Callum: Ok and you've loaded everything on the disc? What OS are you using?
12:26:54 PM: Mike: Windows xp
12:28:49 PM: Mike: As for loading the disc I just followed the setup wizard
12:31:55 PM: Mike: I have just tried to eject the cartridge and its telling me the drivers are not loaded correctly, how do I load the drivers?
therevis no message when I switch on the printer about it being detected
12:32:52 PM: Callum: When you plugged the printer to your PC, did the install wizard automatically open and was the installation successful?
12:33:20 PM: Callum: You might want to try calling 0845 230 7800 and they will be able to talk you through any problems
12:33:32 PM: Mike: yes it appeared so, it just seems the drivers didn 't load
12:34:01 PM: Mike: who is at that phone number.
12:46:17 PM: Callum: It's the manufacturer. They will offer you technical support
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