Whats prism in dvd-r?

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Whats prism in dvd-r?

Postby The Skunk » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:48 pm

10:17:07 AM: maj: hi dave
10:17:10 AM: Dave: Hi Maj
10:17:17 AM: Dave: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean
10:17:21 AM: maj: can you tell me what is prism?
10:17:34 AM: maj: like dvd-r prism
10:17:39 AM: Dave: as in the thermal printer?
10:17:41 AM: Dave: yes, we sell them
10:17:48 AM: maj: but what is prism?
10:17:59 AM: Dave:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/prism ... rimage-p-7
10:18:05 AM: Dave: Prism is the name of the printer
10:18:34 AM: maj: but i need dvd-r
10:18:56 AM: maj: i am lookin for sony dvd-r prism
10:20:41 AM: maj: you there>?
10:21:39 AM: Dave: Yes, sorry i was just searching
10:21:48 AM: Dave: I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the Sony DVD-R Prism
10:21:48 AM: maj: oh ok:)
10:21:54 AM: Dave: is it a drive or disc you're looking for?
10:22:02 AM: maj: or any dvd-r prism?
10:22:40 AM: Dave: a disc?
10:22:53 AM: Dave: dvd-r prism isn't anything
10:22:56 AM: Dave: do you mean a silver disc?
10:23:07 AM: Dave: printable? Inkjet printable? Thermal printable?
10:23:19 AM: maj: i dnt know all i know some told me to get sony dvd-r prism
10:25:15 AM: Dave: is it a thermal printable disc??
10:25:26 AM: maj: i think so
10:26:03 AM: Dave: ok one moment
10:26:47 AM: maj: i need sonys
10:27:20 AM: Dave: I don't think we have sony - but there are better discs than sony
10:27:36 AM: Dave: they are good at making TVs, not so great at making dvd drives and discs
10:27:51 AM: Dave: Have a look here:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/therm ... 2_822.html
10:27:58 AM: Dave: they are all our thermal printable DVD-R discs
10:29:01 AM: maj: oh ok thanks
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