I would like to know the weight of the StorDigital

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I would like to know the weight of the StorDigital

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:44 am

9:27:06 AM: Rama: hi,pls I would like to know the weight of the StorDigital
9:27:06 AM: * Welcome Rama! Your request has been directed to the Sales
Enquiry department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
9:27:13 AM: * Call accepted by operator Dave. Currently in room: Dave, Rama.
9:27:17 AM: Dave: Hi Rama,
9:27:28 AM: Dave: The 11 target safetowers are approximately 25Kgs each
9:28:04 AM: Rama: hi Dave
9:28:14 AM: Dave: (sorry I forgot to mention that in the E-mail!)
9:28:21 AM: Rama: did u get my mail?
9:28:30 AM: Dave: yes, I replied this morning
9:28:33 AM: Rama: ok no prob
9:30:37 AM: Rama: let me check it
9:32:22 AM: Rama: i got it
9:32:27 AM: Rama: thx
9:33:03 AM: Rama: how much is drives?
9:33:33 AM: Rama: i mean how much is the drives cost?
9:33:37 AM: Dave: oh... I think £12 + VAT each - I'd have to check but I
believe that is correct
9:34:26 AM: Rama: its good ideas,thx
9:34:48 AM: Dave: no problem
9:34:49 AM: Dave: :-)
9:35:42 AM: Rama: i think my friend will pay by cash
9:38:51 AM: Dave: ok thats fine. Do you know when he wants to come to
collect - we'll need to send you an official quote first. Do you want me to
add some spare drives to the order and E-mail it over to you?
9:41:39 AM: Rama: he will come this week but i dont know when he is going to
have time,yes pls add 3 drives and send me an email
9:42:52 AM: Dave: ok, will do
9:45:04 AM: Rama: thx Dave,will check you later
9:47:29 AM: Rama: bye
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