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Earliest delivery times for Sg3 6tb Knebworth Herts

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:03 pm
by The Skunk
Hi please can you tel me earliest delivery times for this product to Sg3 6tb
Knebworth Herts.

11:37:20 AM: Dave: Hi Mark
11:38:07 AM: mark [edited]: Hi Dave
11:38:30 AM: Dave: We have these units in stock, and delivery is normally
only 1 working day when order is placed before 1pm
11:38:56 AM: Dave: certainly you can have it by Wednesday at the latest
11:40:13 AM: mark [edited]: Great thanks Dave I will go ahead with that. I need
to print and burn a job for Sat at the latest, so that's very helpful.
11:40:41 AM: Dave: ah yes thats fine. Would you be happy to continue placing
the order online via the website?
11:40:59 AM: Dave: I can then flag it for priority dispatch and get it out
to you ASAP
11:41:37 AM: mark [edited]: Do you have any opinions on this product Compared
to others that burn and print at low ish volumes?
11:42:13 AM: mark [edited]: Yep very happy to place order online
11:42:55 AM: Dave: erm.... not really to be honest Mark. If you're looking
for an "all in one" solution this is certainly the best entry level system
to go for
11:43:04 AM: Dave: simiarl products have higher capacity (50 discs)
11:43:25 AM: Dave: like the Microboards G3 for example: ... croboards-
11:43:27 AM: mark [edited]: Ok great thanks for the help
11:43:42 AM: Dave: its got better ink economy than the SE, and larget
capacity (50 discs instead of 20)
11:45:23 AM: mark [edited]: Thanks will have a quick compare and then
11:45:38 AM: Dave: sounds good, let me know if you have anymore questions
11:45:55 AM: mark [edited]: Ps. Great Service !
11:46:02 AM: Dave: ah, too kind sir :-)
11:46:35 AM: Dave: oh, and before you go.. I just got some ink figures to
help your comparison
11:46:48 AM: Dave: based on 100% coverage (full face, full colour with an
even spread of colours)
11:47:24 AM: Dave: the SE will cost you approximately £0.33 per disc in ink
costs - the G3 is closer to £0.13 per disc based on the same coverage
11:48:05 AM: mark [edited]: Top job! Wow didn't even think of those costs
11:48:25 AM: Dave: well, its worth considering.... 20p per disc can soon add
11:48:41 AM: Dave: so it all depends how many discs you think you'll be
creating over the years
11:49:09 AM: Dave: 400 a month, every month... and you're best going for the
G3..... but if its going to be 400 a year, it'll probably take a while to
"save" the difference between the cost of the units
11:49:19 AM: Dave: so the SE would be ideal
11:49:24 AM: Dave: in that instance
11:50:05 AM: Dave: one final though - the SE has a 2nd year warranty
directly with the manufacturer if you register after purchase - the G3 does
not (only the standard 12 month)
11:50:11 AM: Dave: both are return to base warranties however
11:52:53 AM: mark [edited]: Just looked at the micro boards so will go for
that.... I will do About min 2k to 3k year but intend to grow that each
year. Video drama schools shows etc. New business but clients seem to like
my work
11:54:12 AM: mark [edited]: Thank again Dave
11:54:37 AM: Dave: Ok perfect, I'm sure you'll be happy with it :-)
11:55:56 AM: Dave: and are you ok for inket printable discs?
11:56:11 AM: Dave: we have a pretty comprehensive collection.
11:56:47 AM: mark [edited]: No I will have to order those and extra ink
11:57:11 AM: mark [edited]: Shall do it at same time
11:57:27 AM: Dave: Ok... are you after CDs or DVDs?
11:57:37 AM: Dave: ritek are some of the more popular ones we sell
11:57:55 AM: mark [edited]: DVD ,
11:58:11 AM: Dave: but for the "professional" finish - some people go for
watershield discs... they're water resistant and glossy. There is a premium
on them, but they do look great when printed
11:58:26 AM: Dave: ok, ritek DVDs are here: ... le-8x-dvdr
11:58:35 AM: Dave: £14 + VAT per 100 discs - full surface printable
11:59:04 AM: Dave: or the Glossy discs here: ... d-printabl
11:59:16 AM: mark [edited]: THey will be the ones I'll go For
11:59:55 AM: Dave: ink for the G3 is here: ... roximately
12:00:15 PM: Dave: you can get approximately 250 prints from a cartridge
(ful face full colour, with an even mix of colour)
12:01:56 PM: Dave: Anything else I can help with Mark?
12:02:48 PM: mark [edited]: No thanks... Looking forward to getting it all up
and running. Cheers .)
12:03:13 PM: Dave: They are in stock too, so if you can get the order in
before 2pm I might even be able to get that out today for you
12:03:51 PM: Dave: I'll leave you too it anyway! nice chatting with you Mark
12:04:39 PM: mark [edited]: Aha right I'll go dig out my Right now... Top man