Can I have another copy of surething software?

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Can I have another copy of surething software?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:10 pm

9:49:24 AM: tony: got surething software with the purchase of disc
publisher .lost it, computer crashed can i have another copy? also setup cd
for disc publisher se autoprinter model 63106 invoice no [edited]
9:49:38 AM: Dave: Hi Tony
9:49:59 AM: Dave: We cna't provide surething I'm afraid, for that you have
to contact with the serial number of your machine
9:50:14 AM: Dave: however you can download the drivers (and software,
excluding surething) via the primera website
9:50:31 AM: Dave: drivers here:
9:50:46 AM: Dave: and PT Publisher here; ... isher.html
9:51:00 AM: tony: Hi Dave thanks
9:51:14 AM: Dave: no problem
9:51:37 AM: Dave: you probably won't need the PT Publisher if you only have
the Autoprinter version
9:52:16 AM: Dave: Once Primera reply to your E-mail with a username and
password, you can download surething from here:
9:52:47 AM: tony: ok thanks again
9:53:06 AM: Dave: no problem, good luck!
9:53:46 AM: Dave: anything else I can help you with today?
9:54:13 AM: Dave: oh Tony, before you go
9:54:21 AM: Dave: I just noticed your E-mail address is
9:54:28 AM: Dave: are you running this system on a mac?
9:55:51 AM: tony: no on a pc could not get it to work on mac my email is
9:56:15 AM: Dave: ah - ok no problem... there are drivers available for the
MAC is all, but the links i've sent you are for PC
9:57:10 AM: tony: ok thanks dave
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