How do I obtain the StorDigital driver?

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How do I obtain the StorDigital driver?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:21 pm

12:02:24 PM: Chris [edited]: Hi,

How do I obtain the StorDigital driver so I can create a virtual LightScribe
drive on my Windows PC, so I can print LSI files to a disc (required for the

12:02:52 PM: Callum: Hi Chris
12:02:57 PM: Chris [edited]: Hi Callum
12:03:19 PM: Callum: You don't actually need to print the LSI file to a
disc; you only need to burn your LSI file to a blank disc
12:03:59 PM: Callum: LSI (Lightscribe Image) File is the file containing the
data needed in order to print on to your Lightscribe discs
12:04:01 PM: Chris [edited]: Yes, but how do you get the LSI file in the first
place? Without a LightScribe burner, you can't create them in the
LightScribe Template manager
12:04:30 PM: Chris [edited]: Within the Template Manager, you create the LSL
file and then print and burn.
12:05:39 PM: Callum: At this point, when you have completed your design
using the template labeler, you only need to burn the file to a disc.
Printing only takes place when you insert the disc containing the LSI file
into your duplicator
12:05:50 PM: Callum: No it must be LSI not LSL other wise it won't work
12:05:57 PM: Chris [edited]: I know that Callum. Problem is, the "Print"
function is disabled without a burner
12:05:59 PM: Callum: Now once you have completed your design..
12:06:06 PM: Chris [edited]: LDL = label
12:06:10 PM: Chris [edited]: LSI = for duplicator
12:06:13 PM: Chris [edited]: I know :)
12:06:16 PM: Callum: You don't select 'save' you have to select 'preview and
12:06:21 PM: Chris [edited]: See above?
12:06:49 PM: Chris [edited]: "Insert the CD you received with the duplicator,
in the optical drive of your computer, and run LightScribe Setup_
IDESelected_ v20.exe"
12:07:49 PM: Chris [edited]: That's what I need. There's a setup file you can
use to create a "virtual" LightScribe burner. When you click Preview and
Print it then saves the LSI to your hard drive which I then burn to disc.
Problem is, without the virtual LightScribe drive, the Preview and Print
does nothing. Print is disabled.
12:12:28 PM: Callum: Yes that's correct. Once you have burned the LSI to
your Hard drive, you then burn to a blank disc and insert the disc into your
12:12:40 PM: Callum: You're dplicator then interprets that as an image
12:12:43 PM: Chris [edited]: Callum, I think you are misunderstanding the point :-(
12:13:11 PM: Chris [edited]: I once asked Stordigital the same question and
they gave me a support file/installer.
12:14:23 PM: Callum: Right so you need the Lightscribe software sent to you
again, is that what you're saying??
12:14:28 PM: Chris [edited]: The problem is - which you keep misreading - the
Print function is greyed/disabled as the templator can't find the drive
12:14:29 PM: Chris [edited]: Yes
12:14:40 PM: Chris [edited]: (whatever came with the drive)
12:16:19 PM: Callum: Okay sure. Are you using Windows 7?
12:16:35 PM: Chris [edited]: Yes
12:17:58 PM: Chris [edited]: StorDigital SD15 DVD COPIER - that's the
12:18:07 PM: Callum: Okay and have you been able to create the LSI file in
the past and save to your Hard drive?
12:18:20 PM: Callum: I mean has that option been greyed out before?
12:18:23 PM: Chris [edited]: Yes, but since re-installing Windows 7, I don't
have the original CD.
12:18:37 PM: Chris [edited]: Yes, but they gave me the software again. Which I
keep losing. Clearly.
12:18:49 PM: Chris [edited]: This is Windows 7 on a Mac Mini -> no CD drive.
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