Cartidge issue with disc publisher pro

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Cartidge issue with disc publisher pro

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:26 pm

12:15:36 PM: Mickael [edited]: Cartidge issue with disc publisher pro

12:15:57 PM: Mickael [edited]: HI Callum
12:15:57 PM: Callum: Hi Mickael
12:16:09 PM: Mickael [edited]: I spoke with Dave i think it was yesterday
12:16:20 PM: Mickael [edited]: Im having issue with my Disc publisher Pro
12:16:29 PM: Callum: Right...
12:16:50 PM: Mickael [edited]: the black ink caridge is not being recognised
12:17:13 PM: Mickael [edited]: i have change it with 3 different black cart and
no go
12:17:18 PM: Mickael [edited]: keeps saying missing
12:18:03 PM: Mickael [edited]: I've done cleaning of the carts and connectors
with no luck
12:18:43 PM: Mickael [edited]: I've check the latest rom and its up to date.
tried it from a mac and pc same result with the missing cart issue
12:19:05 PM: Mickael [edited]: my prints come out red fading into black with its
in colour mode
12:19:20 PM: Mickael [edited]: but in monochrome mode just says the black cart
is missing
12:20:24 PM: Mickael [edited]: i had the main board replaced by you guys about a
few months ago maybe about a year ago
12:20:54 PM: Mickael [edited]: so I'm just trying to figure out what i can do
next really. Ive run out of ideas to get it working again
12:31:26 PM: Mickael [edited]: I think the cable connector to my black cart in
the printer might be bad or disconnected. how much would it cost to have you
guys check it out and fix such an issue (ballpark figure of course)
12:34:53 PM: Callum: Okay it's best to speak to Dave to be honest who
unfortunately isn't here at the moment. Have you e-mailed him?
12:34:58 PM: Callum: He should be back soon
12:35:09 PM: Mickael [edited]: ah no i don't have his email.
12:35:18 PM: Callum:
12:35:39 PM: Mickael [edited]: okay cool thank you.
12:35:51 PM: Mickael [edited]: do you think re-loaded the rom might help ?
12:36:01 PM: Mickael [edited]: reloading that is
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