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Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:32 pm

12:19:28 PM: Chris [edited]: crashed
12:19:43 PM: Chris [edited]: Sadly Chrome crashed!
12:20:24 PM: Callum: So the PC you are using now doesn't have an optical
drive installed to burn the LSI file to a blank disc?
12:20:43 PM: Chris [edited]: Callum, can you please just send the original
12:21:07 PM: Chris [edited]: a) I need to get lunch and b) I don't really have
the time to explain the setup here (I use a MacBook Pro with Windows to
12:21:25 PM: Chris [edited]: Last time I asked Stordigital, they give me the
exe in 5 minutes
12:21:47 PM: Callum: Okay I'll send it over
12:21:51 PM: Chris [edited]: thanks
12:22:53 PM: Chris [edited]: (just so you know, I use OS X normally, Windows 7
runs virtually on my Mac Mini, with no optical drive and also on my MacBook
Pro. Originally I was creating the LSI's on the Mac Mini, but I had to
re-install the virtual Windows 7)
12:26:22 PM: Chris [edited]: Any luck?
12:27:22 PM: Callum: Yes I'm sending the file over to you now via
12:27:35 PM: Chris [edited]: ah ok. Can you ask the team to put the file here? ... teup&cate=
12:27:44 PM: Chris [edited]: (n future)
12:29:54 PM: Chris [edited]: Callum, btw:
12:29:59 PM: Chris [edited]: That was the name of the last one?
12:31:43 PM: Chris [edited]: I also need the product key :(
12:32:33 PM: Callum: Okay. Try this product key: L8H32-RKCS6
12:32:40 PM: Callum: I'll send you that file..
12:33:07 PM: Chris [edited]: Yeah, this doesn't work. Won't there
are no LightScribe drives found
12:33:45 PM: Chris [edited]: Callum, I'm off to grab some lunch. I've sent you
an email. speak later. Thanks!
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