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Can you help?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:42 pm

4:25:00 PM: kay: the display on the control tower does not display any
digits, it just lights up - can you help
4:25:23 PM: Dave: Hi Kay
4:25:27 PM: kay: hi
4:25:31 PM: Dave: What is the serial number of your machine please?
4:26:06 PM: kay: 008456
4:26:26 PM: Dave: ok thanks Kay, one moment please
4:26:51 PM: Dave: ok, and you're getting just a blank screen?
4:26:57 PM: Dave: its lighting up, but no characters or menu
4:27:03 PM: Dave: even when it boots up?
4:27:09 PM: kay: thats right
4:27:55 PM: Dave: ok... sadly that means normally the display has failed
4:28:01 PM: Dave: has teh unit been moved at all recently?
4:28:10 PM: kay: yes it has
4:28:27 PM: Dave: ok... its very rare... but its possible the cable has just
come loose
4:28:45 PM: kay: ok shall we open it what should we look for
4:28:46 PM: Dave: normally if this happens, its the LCD at fault... but even
that is rare
4:28:59 PM: Dave: ok.... let me see if I can send you a photo
4:29:40 PM: kay: thanks much appreciated
4:35:10 PM: kay: we havw taken the sides off
4:36:22 PM: Dave: ok, you might need to remove the drive above the contoller
4:36:27 PM: Dave: as you'll need to see the controller
4:36:45 PM: Dave: alternatively.... remove the screws in the controller and
see if you can slide it forward without removing any cables
4:36:53 PM: * Dave has sent a file. Click [20120307_102515.jpg (3.33 MB)] to
receive the file.
4:37:14 PM: kay: its booting up and in brackets there are numbers like (2/5)
4:37:15 PM: Dave: this photo is of the controller
4:37:20 PM: Dave: ok... that is good
4:37:39 PM: Dave: does it get to the main menu and display any characters?
4:37:53 PM: kay: ok will have a look now, opening file
4:38:13 PM: Dave: well, if you're getting characters now, you don't need to relaly do anything with the file
4:38:26 PM: Dave: its just a view of the contoller, you can see on the left
there is a ribbon attached to the board
4:38:46 PM: Dave: that is probably what is loose - and you may have just
caused it to make contact again by moving bits inside the case
4:39:12 PM: kay: ok will remove the controller and see what happens
4:39:27 PM: Dave: but if you're getting a reading now, that says (2/5)
4:39:37 PM: Dave: it might indicate its ok
4:39:44 PM: Dave: or does it go blank when it gets to the main menu?
4:39:50 PM: kay: that is what it reads
4:39:57 PM: kay: 2/5
4:40:00 PM: Dave: right
4:40:07 PM: Dave: its supposed to count through 1/5 to 5/5
4:40:10 PM: Dave: they are checks
4:40:16 PM: Dave: then it's suppsed to get to the menu
4:40:25 PM: Dave: if you power off, and restart - what happens?
4:40:34 PM: kay: it only goes to 2/5 and freezes
4:40:42 PM: Dave: ok....
4:40:50 PM: Dave: you might have to power off and back on again
4:41:03 PM: kay: ok will do
4:41:53 PM: kay: aha checking memory
4:42:01 PM: kay: all drawers open
4:42:15 PM: Dave: sounds promising!
4:42:26 PM: Dave: could have been a loose contact by the sounds of things
4:42:39 PM: kay: trying the copier now
4:43:25 PM: Dave: ok
4:43:45 PM: kay: just trying
4:45:43 PM: kay: it says its copying now
4:45:50 PM: Dave: lovely stuff
4:47:31 PM: kay: looks ok now thank you very much
4:47:43 PM: Dave: no problem at all, glad you got it working!
4:48:09 PM: kay: phew, thought it was going to cost a few promisery notes
4:48:27 PM: kay: worthless bank notes
4:48:33 PM: kay: lol
4:48:52 PM: Dave: :-)
4:48:59 PM: kay: cheers
4:49:00 PM: Dave: ah, we try and make that the last resort
4:49:09 PM: Dave: no problem... bye for now
4:49:20 PM: kay: tatty byr dave
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