How much is the price of ADR Excelsior CD/DVD?

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How much is the price of ADR Excelsior CD/DVD?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:49 pm

:14:47 PM: Rama: how much is the price of this printer?ADR Excelsior CD/DVD
Inkjet Printer, ADR AG
3:19:04 PM: Dave: Hi Rama, I'll need to confirm a price on that for you
3:19:14 PM: Dave: Can you leave me your E-mail address and I'll let you know ASAP
3:32:50 PM: Rama: [edited]
3:33:35 PM: Rama: ist a durable machine?
3:33:36 PM: Dave: thanks Rama
3:33:42 PM: Dave: did you recieve my E-mail previously?
3:33:50 PM: Rama: no
3:33:50 PM: Dave: with the Primera and Microboards Printers?
3:34:00 PM: Rama: i didnt
3:34:02 PM: Dave: Thats strange
3:34:05 PM: Dave: I'll forward it again now
3:34:11 PM: Rama: ok
3:34:19 PM: Dave: check your spam folder just in case.
3:35:28 PM: Rama: just checking yes its here
3:37:05 PM: Dave: ok good
3:37:17 PM: Dave: I'll see if I can get a price on this ADR machine ASAP for
3:38:06 PM: Rama: but how ist?
3:38:53 PM: Rama: ist good than microboards?
3:39:05 PM: Dave: It is based on the same printer, so the inks etc are the
3:39:15 PM: Dave: also, with this you need to buy the autoloader
3:39:29 PM: Dave: the microboards would be more robust I feel
3:39:43 PM: Rama: then forget about it
3:41:03 PM: Rama: then for the microboards is anyway i can set so i can
print faster up ti 1500 discs per day?
3:41:17 PM: Dave: well, that is alot for one day
3:41:30 PM: Dave: the Microboards is only 100 disc capacity
3:41:34 PM: Dave: so you can load 100 at a time
3:41:51 PM: Dave: I think if you are printing 1500 discs per day, you would
need 2 machines to share the load
3:42:27 PM: Dave: 1500 in one day, everyday, for one machine.... .. that is
3:42:50 PM: Rama: ok,so i cant set it so it can print faster?
3:42:56 PM: Dave: The Microboards would normally be for 1000 per week
3:43:10 PM: Dave: well, you can lower the printing resolution (to use less
ink and at a lower quality)
3:43:15 PM: Dave: then it will print faster, yes
3:43:26 PM: Rama: thats too low
3:43:33 PM: Dave: but it can still only physically fit 100 discs in at any
one time
3:43:48 PM: Rama: ok
3:43:49 PM: Dave: do you need 1500 discs per day, everyday?
3:44:01 PM: Rama: yes
3:44:11 PM: Dave: ok... then realistically you're going to want a few
3:44:19 PM: Dave: you can not buy one, and expect it to do that
3:44:29 PM: Dave: and think, what if there is a problem
3:44:41 PM: Dave: if you have only one printer - you have to stop completely
3:44:59 PM: Rama: real i dont know what to do now
3:45:52 PM: Rama: so in u r store u dont have any printer it can do that
amount per day?
3:46:34 PM: Dave: we do have higher capacity printers, yes
3:46:44 PM: Rama: cause now am getting crazy
3:46:57 PM: Dave: ok... I've checked with Microboards
3:47:06 PM: Dave: and they say there is no limit on how many discs you can
3:47:12 PM: Rama: ok,pls can u recomand me?
3:47:32 PM: Dave: so the PF-PRO would be a good printer to use
3:47:37 PM: Dave: because it has the best ink consumption
3:47:43 PM: Dave: but, I still recommend you have 2
3:47:50 PM: Dave: because as you know, all machinery can break
3:47:57 PM: Dave: and you need to have a backup, just in case
3:48:07 PM: Dave: especially if your business relies on making 1500 discs
per day
3:48:13 PM: Dave: the warranty is "return to base"
3:48:17 PM: Rama: cause am going to have a videoproduction store thats why
3:48:29 PM: Dave: so the printer would have to be sent to microboards in the
UK for any repairs (if they are ever needed)
3:48:56 PM: Dave: ok - to print discs for customers on demand?
3:50:18 PM: Rama: yah for clients and for my dvds cause am going to
distribute my movies
3:50:43 PM: Dave: ok... I think the PF-PRO would be a good solution for you
3:51:19 PM: Dave: but if you do not wish to purchase two, you have to be
aware the warranty is return to base, so could mean you're without a printer
for some time
3:51:33 PM: Rama: minimum for me its about 60,000 then about the customers
might b more or less
3:52:40 PM: Rama: its ok to have even 3 for me its ok but 1000 discs per
week it wont make sense
3:53:00 PM: Rama: its a heavy duty i need
3:53:11 PM: Dave: Ok... well I think you should either have 2 x PF-PRO
machines (microboards) so you can run both... or you can go for an Epson
machine, which would have an onsite warranty for you in switzerland
3:53:46 PM: Dave: well no - the 1000 discs per week was an old guide...
Microboards said there is no limit
3:53:53 PM: Dave: and the PF-PRO is by far the most robust machine
3:54:07 PM: Dave: I just think 1500 discs per day is much more than "normal
3:54:38 PM: Dave: so while I'm sure the PR-PFO will print that many (and be
the most cost effective with the ink) I would strongly advise 2 or more
machines to share the load
3:54:50 PM: Dave: because IF (only if) there is a problem... you can
continue printing still
3:55:18 PM: Rama: yah for that i get u i need more
3:55:52 PM: Rama: whats the speed by the way?
3:56:54 PM: Rama: and for the printer head how discs can i print b4 i
3:56:54 PM: Dave: it varies, depending on print quality and saturation
anywhere from 10 seconds to 45 seconds
3:57:36 PM: Dave: print heads need to be replaced after 20,000 discs
3:57:57 PM: Rama: i want the faster on i dont care about the quality cause
itsnt a big issue
3:57:58 PM: Dave: also, you would need to actively service and clean the
printers to continue printing 1500 per day
3:58:31 PM: Dave: the machines will last a very long time... but if you
clean the rollers yourself, they will last even longer
3:58:45 PM: Dave: PF-PRo is the best option
3:58:50 PM: Dave: you can change all the settings
3:58:59 PM: Dave: make a draft print - it will be very quick per disc
3:59:26 PM: Rama: ok thats good news for me
4:00:33 PM: Rama: so if i have 2 printers i can make 3000 discs per day for
4:01:22 PM: Dave: well..if you clean regularily yourself, and maintain the
printers.... I would say you want to aim for 2000 discs per day
4:01:26 PM: Dave: 1000 discs per machine
4:01:32 PM: Dave: but you could maybe do more, yes
4:01:41 PM: Rama: ok
4:03:18 PM: Rama: then for the safe dublicator can i copy 1500 discs per
4:03:29 PM: Dave: the safetower you mean?
4:03:38 PM: Rama: yah
4:03:50 PM: Dave: well, it depends how many hours you run the machine for,
and the size of the discs
4:04:03 PM: Rama: for one machine?
4:04:23 PM: Dave: the 11 tower one does 11 discs in about 8 minutes.
Approximately 70 per hour
4:04:39 PM: Dave: so you need to run for 21 hours to do that
4:04:42 PM: Dave: that is unlikely
4:04:55 PM: Rama: thats good
4:05:12 PM: Dave: based on 10 hours, you can get approximately 700 discs
4:05:21 PM: Rama: do you think itsnt good for the machine?
4:05:23 PM: Dave: so I'd buy 2 machines if you wanted to get 1500 per day
4:05:32 PM: Dave: well - it is the same with everything
4:05:39 PM: Dave: the more you use something, the quicker it wears out
4:05:51 PM: Dave: if you drove a car for 21 hours everyday, it would soon be
4:05:53 PM: Dave: :-)
4:05:58 PM: Dave: and you would be tired
4:05:59 PM: Dave: haha
4:06:05 PM: Rama: i get u
4:06:46 PM: Dave: be right back Rama, sorry i have a customer downstairs
4:06:52 PM: Dave: if you have questions, let me know:
4:07:43 PM: Rama: but the good thing is the more time the machines its going
to be on the more money am going to make so its ok
4:07:47 PM: Rama: hahahaaaa
4:08:20 PM: Rama: so i ll be able to replace the machines
4:09:58 PM: Rama: thx for everything
4:10:14 PM: Dave: no problem :-)
4:15:10 PM: Rama: check this as i told one day [edited]
4:15:53 PM: Dave: Ah yes, they are based in the USA
4:16:03 PM: Dave: that CISS will work ok... you just have to be careful with the ink
4:16:16 PM: Dave: if you use non official ink, it could be the wrong
4:16:23 PM: Dave: if its too think... the print heads will need to be
changed more often
4:16:28 PM: Dave: and not do 20,000 discs
4:16:45 PM: Rama: and its for microboards
4:16:56 PM: Dave: yes, it'll work with the microboards
4:17:17 PM: Dave: but just take note of the print head lifespan... it can be
reduced if you use compatible inks
4:17:44 PM: Dave: and sorry, I meant Australia... not USA
4:18:36 PM: Rama: i see,but its ok cause the printer head itsnt that much
expensive link the ink
4:19:16 PM: Rama: i mean the ink its a bit expensive
4:20:14 PM: Rama: if am going to use the original ink i wont be able to run
my studio
4:20:44 PM: Rama: and everytime i have to order it from uk
4:21:02 PM: Dave: well, it'll only be about 10p per disc full face full
colour - maybe less if you use "draft mode"
4:21:36 PM: Rama: actually my studio will be in africa not here
4:22:37 PM: Rama: i ll use the local methods for the ink
4:24:31 PM: Rama: can u imagine how many cartridges should i buy for
printing let say like 100,000 discs?
4:24:47 PM: Dave: lots!
4:24:56 PM: Dave: well, send me an E-mail when you want as quote
4:25:13 PM: Dave: I think 2 or 3 x PF-PRo machines, and probably 3 of the
safetower machines
4:25:36 PM: Rama: am talking about the ink
4:25:55 PM: Dave: I understand what you mean
4:26:04 PM: Dave: a full set normally does abotu 1500 prints
4:26:26 PM: Rama: thats why i have no way just to use the local methods
4:27:16 PM: Dave: I understand
4:27:22 PM: Dave: well the CISS might be better
4:27:28 PM: Dave: but just be aware you might need to use more print heads
4:27:41 PM: Rama: better change the printer head
4:28:03 PM: Rama: its 69 pounds right?
4:31:15 PM: Rama: ok Dave thx for u r informations
4:31:29 PM: Rama: will contact u soon
4:31:57 PM: Rama: have a good evening
4:32:54 PM: Dave: ok, you too
4:32:55 PM: Dave: thanks Rama
4:33:17 PM: Rama: bye
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