How much of the surface of these discs is printable?

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How much of the surface of these discs is printable?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:01 pm

4:40:00 PM: Andy: hi, can you tell me how much of the surface of these discs
is printable and how they come packaged
4:40:10 PM: Dave: Hi Andy
4:41:05 PM: Dave: hmmm, good question. I'm afraid we don't have those
physcially here in our warehouse so I'm not sure.
4:41:10 PM: Dave: Are you looking for full face discs?
4:41:17 PM: Andy: yes
4:41:41 PM: Dave: Those Maxell discs are in packs of 10
4:41:47 PM: Dave: the price I believe is for 10
4:42:10 PM: Dave: but to be honest, best discs to go for if you're looking
for 100... with decent quality are these: ... le-cdr-80-
4:42:21 PM: Dave: then are supplied in shrink wrapped packs of 50
4:42:27 PM: Dave: but the price is for 100
4:43:46 PM: Andy: those are the ones i normally use, just thought i'd
enquire as i thought these where cheaper but there is very little info on
your site
4:44:04 PM: Dave: ah, fair point....
4:44:08 PM: Dave: well I can try and find out on monday for you
4:44:17 PM: Dave: as our suppliers are closed now I'm afraid
4:44:51 PM: Andy: yeah monday will be fine as i still have a few hundred
discs in stock
4:45:19 PM: Dave: ok - I'll let you know as soon as I can. Whats your E-mail
please Andy
4:45:43 PM: Andy: will probably be needing about 1000 in a couple of weeks
though [edited]
4:46:48 PM: Dave: I'll find out and let you know
4:46:59 PM: Andy: thanks
4:47:08 PM: Dave: have a good weekend!
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