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Product Review

Postby The Skunk » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:02 am

11:38:04 AM: Hardik: Product Review
11:38:22 AM: Dave: Hello Hardik, how can I help?
11:39:50 AM: Hardik: Please show me your product demo..
11:40:09 AM: Dave: We are in London, UK. We have no demo in India.
11:40:22 AM: Hardik: Ok Thanks
11:40:58 AM: Hardik: Please send me your product cataloge & pricelist
11:41:28 AM: Dave: everything we sell is on the website along with prices
11:41:40 AM: Dave: we do not have a catalog
11:42:17 AM: Hardik: Your any branch in india?
11:42:26 AM: Dave: no, just UK. Sorry
11:42:38 AM: Hardik: Ok Thanks Bye
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