Price for the Pioneer 10 disk copy

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Price for the Pioneer 10 disk copy

Postby The Skunk » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:14 am

10:27:29 AM: keith [edited]: I am the technical services manager at the
University of cumbria. can you give me a price for the Pioneer 10 disk copy
system with an extra drive.
10:29:56 AM: Callum: Hi Keith
10:30:01 AM: Callum: Sorry to keep you waiting
10:30:13 AM: keith [edited]: is the 10 disk copier a fully operational system
with all the dives and software supplied and can it be networked
10:30:28 AM: Callum: So you need a price for the 10 target duplicator with a
Hard drive?
10:30:52 AM: keith [edited]: yes with pioneer drives
10:31:48 AM: Callum: Well the duplicator has standalone operation so you
don't need to connect it to a PC however there is an option to do this but
you wouldn't be able to connect to a network
10:32:07 AM: Callum: What size Hard drive...250GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB?
10:32:30 AM: keith [edited]: 1TB would be ample
10:34:14 AM: Callum: Ok price for that would be £545 + VAT
10:34:36 AM: Callum: 10 Target; Pioneer Upgrade; 1TB HDD
10:35:42 AM: keith [edited]: is that with any educational discount and can
you email me the quote also how much would it be without the drive
10:36:44 AM: Callum: I can see if we can do any sort of discount for you as
you are ordering on behalf of a university but would have to e-mail you
price...what's your e-mail and telephone number?
10:38:40 AM: keith [edited]: [edited] and can
you list all that i would be purchasing also can I pay by procurement card,
university Visa
10:41:44 AM: Callum: Yes you can but please note we do not accept amex. We
also accept purchase orders from universities too
10:43:12 AM: keith [edited]: I will have to get final approval from
purchasing so I will waite for you e-mail.
10:43:24 AM: keith [edited]: regards keith
10:44:12 AM: Callum: No problem, have a good day
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