Delivery costs for Microboards HCL 1000 CD DVD Duplicator?

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Delivery costs for Microboards HCL 1000 CD DVD Duplicator?

Postby The Skunk » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:18 am

11:04:55 AM: Garry: Microboards HCL Automated 1000 CD DVD Duplicator,
What the cost for delivery
11:05:11 AM: Jen: Hi Garry
11:05:18 AM: Jen: Whereabouts are you based?
11:05:27 AM: Garry: Hi
11:05:34 AM: Garry: Hi
11:05:51 AM: Garry: London
11:06:03 AM: Jen: ah ok - please hold on a moment and i'll check for you
11:08:01 AM: Jen: I believe it's £14.50 plus VAT
11:09:41 AM: Jen: It's in stock - so it can be with you in a day or so if
you wish to order it
11:12:38 AM: Garry: Is that the actual cost £14,50
11:13:34 AM: Jen: yes - plus VAT, so it's £17.40 inc VAT for the shipping
11:13:45 AM: Garry: thanks
11:14:23 AM: Jen: I can send you a proforma invoice if you like? do you
think you would like to order it?
11:15:39 AM: Garry: I will now talk to my boss - he make the final decision
11:16:24 AM: Jen: ok no problem - you can either use this live support or
email, or of course call us on 0208 293 0777, thanks.
11:17:17 AM: Garry: thanks
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