I'm looking for a reliable DVD/CD printer.

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I'm looking for a reliable DVD/CD printer.

Postby The Skunk » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:23 am

3:26:14 PM: Geoff: I'm looking for a reliable DVD/CD printer. At the moment
im using a home Epson printer, but they do break easy. At the
moment i print around 100 DVDs per week, but want something reliable
3:27:19 PM: Geoff: I only print text at the moment in black ink only
3:30:32 PM: Tony: hi geoff - well the only place to go after the Epson is an
auto printer like the Primera SE at £690 plus vat
3:31:19 PM: Geoff: and that would be the best one to go for
3:31:53 PM: Tony: well its entry level with 20 disc capacity and a singly
ink cartridge.. there is another option tho
3:32:40 PM: Geoff: what is that
3:32:59 PM: Tony:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/stord ... inket-disc
3:33:36 PM: Tony: once time special offer since we come to our year end -
£630 plus vat
3:33:49 PM: Tony: 50 disc, 6 colour ink systems, AMAZING pritn quality
3:34:00 PM: Tony: its like your epson but with autoloader attached
3:34:36 PM: Tony: that way you can use low cost epson inks
3:34:41 PM: Tony: compatable
3:35:14 PM: Geoff: Ok thank you for your help. I Will have a good look at
3:35:43 PM: Tony: ok - let me know - thanks
3:35:54 PM: Geoff: no problem
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