Order of the D/N 4mp 10:1 zoom integrated camera

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Order of the D/N 4mp 10:1 zoom integrated camera

Postby The Skunk » Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:54 am

1:59:40 PM: Goran [edited]: my order of the D/N 4mp 10:1 zoom integrated camera
MPN: VCC-HD4600P. Can I please get some news about this?
2:00:05 PM: Dave: one moment please Goran
2:00:06 PM: Goran [edited]: Hi Dave.
2:00:09 PM: Goran [edited]: ok
2:18:12 PM: Goran [edited]: hello?
2:18:18 PM: Dave: Hi Goran
2:18:28 PM: Dave: Very sorry, I was on a phone call that took longer than
2:18:36 PM: Goran [edited]: no problem.. Are you available now?
2:18:45 PM: Dave: Let me just check with the warehouse what the status of
your order is
2:18:50 PM: Goran [edited]: ok great.
2:18:55 PM: Dave: Would you be arranging collection of the goods and paying
with bank transfer?
2:18:56 PM: Goran [edited]: This is the product:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/dn-4m ... a-p-219294
2:19:00 PM: Dave: (we don't ship to canada)
2:19:32 PM: Goran [edited]: How many do you have in Stock.., my concern is that
you don't have any available. Can you please confirm that you have these
2:19:52 PM: Dave: I can check for you yes
2:19:55 PM: Goran [edited]: thanks
2:24:22 PM: Dave: sorry, just checking still
2:24:29 PM: Dave: can I E-mail you when I find out
2:24:32 PM: Dave: ?
2:24:36 PM: Goran [edited]: I don't mind waiting.
2:24:45 PM: Goran [edited]: It's pretty important for us right now.
2:25:08 PM: Dave: ok
2:27:42 PM: Dave: 26 in stock
2:28:20 PM: Dave: I'm just checking the order with the warehouse
2:28:21 PM: Dave: one moment
2:28:24 PM: Goran [edited]: ok.. thanks
2:30:13 PM: Dave: Ok Goran, I've checked and you might need to send an
E-mail to sales
2:30:20 PM: Dave: main issue is the delivery to Canada - which we dont' do
2:30:30 PM: Dave: so it'll probably have to be bank transfer and for you to
arrange collection
2:30:32 PM: Goran [edited]: Can we speak over the phome?
2:30:50 PM: Dave: also the warranty could be an issue, because you might
have to send them back to the UK if somethign went wrong (at your cost)
2:31:03 PM: Dave: well sadly I have no power over confirming this order
2:31:21 PM: Dave: and we're in the middle of a large dispatch so my
colleague isn't available to chat at this very moment
2:31:31 PM: Goran [edited]: hmm...
2:31:32 PM: Goran [edited]: what can we do?
2:31:42 PM: Dave: if you can E-mail sales@cd-writer.com I can only say
she'll get back to you ASAP
2:31:57 PM: Goran [edited]: I see...
2:32:07 PM: Dave: sorry I cant be more specific Goran
2:32:16 PM: Goran [edited]: it is what it is... Thanks Dave..
2:32:24 PM: Dave: I mean would you be happy arranging your own courier
2:32:29 PM: Dave: knowing the warranty issue too
2:32:31 PM: Goran [edited]: Do you have an order number I can refer to?
2:32:40 PM: Dave: (you could speak with Sanyo locally perhaps to see the
stance on that)
2:32:46 PM: Goran [edited]: Yes, I can arrange to have it shipped with my own
2:32:51 PM: Dave: yes, [edited] is your order number
2:33:24 PM: Goran [edited]: Can I have a courrier pick up the package from you
and then send it to me directly.
2:33:24 PM: Goran [edited]: ?
2:33:54 PM: Dave: Once the warehouse ok the order, yes that would be fine
2:34:00 PM: Dave: but we'd have to wait for cleared funds first
2:34:08 PM: Goran [edited]: yeah.. I understand..
2:34:11 PM: Goran [edited]: Do you take visa?
2:34:13 PM: Dave: are these cameras not available on your side of the water
or are there just stock issues?
2:34:21 PM: Dave: sorry not for international orders - can't take card
2:34:25 PM: Dave: it'd have to be money transfer
2:34:29 PM: Goran [edited]: they are not available for now..
2:34:50 PM: Goran [edited]: What is the best you can do for price for all 6
2:35:26 PM: Dave: sadly just the website price
2:35:45 PM: Goran [edited]: What about VAT?
2:35:52 PM: Goran [edited]: Since we are out of country, we should be exempt
from this one?
2:35:53 PM: Goran [edited]: is that right?
2:36:00 PM: Dave: well if the courier collected and sent straight to Canada,
yes I believe so
2:36:02 PM: Dave: but I'm not 100% on that
2:36:05 PM: Goran [edited]: ok
2:36:13 PM: Dave: but we'd need all the official paperwork
2:36:30 PM: Dave: I seem to be getting 2 addresses for Vigilent Telesystems
2:36:41 PM: Goran [edited]: [edited]
2:37:58 PM: Dave: ok, leave it with me Goran
2:38:02 PM: Goran [edited]: What if we bought your whole inventory?
2:38:04 PM: Dave: I'll see what I can do to speed this up for you
2:38:09 PM: Goran [edited]: that would be great Dave.
2:38:16 PM: Goran [edited]: Do you have my email address?
2:38:20 PM: Dave: but at the moment, i'm afraid I can't help further
2:38:27 PM: Dave: [edited]
2:38:28 PM: Dave: ?
2:38:30 PM: Goran [edited]: yup
2:38:39 PM: Goran [edited]: When do you think I'll hear back from you guys?
2:38:52 PM: Dave: well, ASAP - its a busy time of day for us at the moment
2:38:59 PM: Goran [edited]: ok
2:39:01 PM: Dave: hopefully by the end of the day
2:39:11 PM: Goran [edited]: That's perfect.. thanks a bunch.
2:39:12 PM: Dave: but if not certainly first thing tomrorow
2:39:20 PM: Dave: but I'll do what I can :-)
2:39:33 PM: Goran [edited]: ok great Dave.. thanks.
2:44:48 PM: Dave: You still there Goran
2:44:50 PM: Dave: ?
2:47:32 PM: Goran [edited]: yup
2:47:36 PM: Goran [edited]: we can hang up I suppose
2:47:41 PM: Dave: well before you go
2:47:44 PM: Goran [edited]: ?
2:47:51 PM: Dave: can I just check which addrses is which, as your order
oline has a different one
2:48:04 PM: Goran [edited]: sure
2:48:11 PM: Dave: (the clearer I can be for the company check the quicker
it'll be!)
2:48:32 PM: Goran [edited]: sure...
2:48:58 PM: Goran [edited]: I have a few addresses that could suite us fine...
2:49:21 PM: Goran [edited]: I don't want to confuse the issue..
2:49:40 PM: Goran [edited]: I can't remember what I wrote originally...
2:49:54 PM: Dave: ok, so the [edited] is the company address?
2:49:57 PM: Dave: (office)
2:50:01 PM: Goran [edited]: yup.. and billing address.
2:50:26 PM: Dave: ok - what about the [edited] address
2:50:40 PM: Dave: [edited]
2:50:49 PM: Dave: [edited] sorry
2:50:49 PM: Goran [edited]: [edited]
2:50:56 PM: Goran [edited]: -=> [edited] <=-
2:51:14 PM: Dave: ah... yes sorry... [edited] is in the order
2:51:30 PM: Goran [edited]: great
2:52:10 PM: Dave: ok... and is that another office addrss?
2:52:29 PM: Goran [edited]: yeah... best foir delivery...
2:52:38 PM: Dave: ok, thanks Goran
2:52:46 PM: Dave: Leave it with me I'll see wht I can do
2:52:54 PM: Dave: bye for now
2:53:06 PM: Goran [edited]: ciao
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