Servicing Duplicator and resetting equipment

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Servicing Duplicator and resetting equipment

Postby The Skunk » Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:01 pm

10:41:33 AM: Victor: Servicing Duplicator and resetting equipment
10:41:55 AM: Tony: hello victor .. how can i help?
10:42:29 AM: Victor: Yes I have IO duplicator and M tech duplicator that
require service
10:42:54 AM: Tony: ok - please open a support ticket at
10:43:04 AM: Tony: they will be able to fix
10:44:21 AM: Victor: how l
10:44:31 AM: Victor: long
10:44:38 AM: Victor: where did u base
10:44:43 AM: Tony: click the link submit a ticket
10:44:58 AM: Tony:
10:45:05 AM: Tony: we are in greenwich, se london
10:45:24 AM: Victor: Ok,
10:46:44 AM: Victor: I have been there, but I am representing a charity,
before any dission taken, i must know the cost and get approval
10:47:01 AM: Tony: when they answer the ticket you will get price
10:47:08 AM: Tony: submitting a ticket is FREE
10:47:17 AM: Victor: ok
10:47:48 AM: Victor: how long is it going to take, so as to plan ahead
10:48:02 AM: Tony: sorry - no idea - you need to open a ticket
10:48:09 AM: Victor: ok
10:51:11 AM: Victor: many thanks tony
10:51:25 AM: Tony: ok - no problem - have a nice day now
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