I need inkjet printable discs!

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I need inkjet printable discs!

Postby Gael » Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:30 pm

This post is an edited transcript from our live support system.

Gary: is this product inkjet printable
Big Dave: Hi Gary
Big Dave: No, i'm afraid those discs are not inkjet printable
Gary: have you got any silver printable cheap
Gary: urgent for tomorrow
Big Dave: I'll have a look for you
Gary: cheers
Big Dave: you will not find any shiny silver inkjet printable discs though
Big Dave: most Inkjet silver are more of a misty silver
Gary: thats ok
Big Dave: we have these: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/stord ... 80744.html
Big Dave: or these are a bit cheaper: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/unbra ... -6815.html
Gary: thanks will order many thanks
Big Dave: (but you're best going with the branded discs - StorDigital)
Big Dave: ok - if you place the order online, then call us on 0208 293 0777 with your order number
Big Dave: I'll make sure the discs leave tonight for delivery with you tomorrow
Big Dave: (otherwise it might not be processed in time and you'd only get them monday)
Gary: is there stock at grenwich depo
Big Dave: I can check for you
Big Dave: one second
Gary: if you could i will try and pick them up
Big Dave: warehouse says yes we have plenty (of the StorDigital silver printable full-face discs)
Big Dave: so you're welcome to come down and collect them
Big Dave: cash or chip& pin only though please :-)
Gary: thats ok i have a credit account
Gary: with you
Big Dave: ah, percect ;-)
Big Dave: *perfect
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