I need full printable inkjet silver discs

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I need full printable inkjet silver discs

Postby Gael » Wed Aug 06, 2008 10:59 am

This post is an edited transcript from our live support system.

favriou: hello
favriou: is this cdr full printable is good for inkjet print ? Taiyo Yuden 48X Silver Thermal Full Face Printable, CDR, Suitable for for Everest (Shrink) (Pack of 100) [MPN: CDR80SPT600SK]
Tom: please wait a sec
Tom: sorry - do you need inkjet printable discs?
favriou: yes, I want full printable silver
Tom: ok
Tom: Taiyo Yuden 48X Silver Thermal Full Face Printable are for thermal printers and they will not work on inkjet printer
Tom: it is a different technology
Tom: if you need inkjet printable silver
Tom: i will send you a link in a sec
favriou: Ok, have you others items propose to me ? (printable full silver surface)
Tom: there are inkjet printable discs but they will not be silver as thermal ones
Tom: please wait a sec and i will send you a link
Tom: sorry to keep you waiting - i need to check something with the warehouse
favriou: ok, no problem, when how many time can you sent to me a answer
Tom: it will take a minute
Tom: ok
favriou: let's go
Tom: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/stord ... 80744.html
favriou: fanx
Tom: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/taiyo ... 33058.html
Tom: this will also works with inkjet printers
Tom: please note that these discs are not as silver as the ones for thermal printers
Tom: there are more frosty silver
favriou: ok,
Tom: is there anything else I can do for you?
favriou: no fanx so much
favriou: have a nice day
Tom: you are welcome :-)
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