Install error code 1603

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Install error code 1603

Postby The Skunk » Mon May 23, 2011 3:03 pm

Tony: Hi Martin
Martin Scott: Hi tony
Tony: what product are you installing
Martin Scott: Just recievd the 11 lightscribe tower
Martin Scott: installing the lightscribe template labeller on to laptop but it has come with an error code 1603
Tony: I see... I have not heard of that error before. What operating system is it?
Martin Scott: Vista
Martin Scott: 32 bit
Tony: I have not heard of this error before. Did you try installing on alternative machine
Martin Scott: ok i will do it on other laptop on windows 7 i have another question
Martin Scott: what drive do i put the lighscibe disc into to copy the other blank discs
Martin Scott: do i put it in the top one upside down
Tony: did you try this
Tony: ... 244AAsJ1uL
Martin Scott: thanks
Martin Scott: all the best
Tony: lightscribe discs data down for burning data up for printing
Martin Scott: ok cheers tony
Tony: when you install the software it will ask you what drives are in your duplicator
Martin Scott: ok
Tony: you will find this info on the sheet shipped with the unit
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