SD LightScribe Duplicator 3 Drive Premium: is it standalone?

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SD LightScribe Duplicator 3 Drive Premium: is it standalone?

Postby Gael » Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:32 pm

This post is an edited transcript from our live support system.

hamza: the Lightscribe Duplicator 3 Drive DVD CD Premium [MPN: SD3DVDPREM-LS] how does it print its images? does it have to be connected to a pc? and a programme is required or is it possible to do it without a pc?
hamza: hello
Tony: good evening hamza
hamza: good evening
Tony: how may i assist you
Tony: i see the quesion
hamza: regarding the Lightscribe Duplicator 3 Drive DVD CD Premium [MPN: SD3DVDPREM-LS] how does the lightscribe work
hamza: u got it?
Tony: k.. well you burn your discs as normal
Tony: kazaa
Tony: and then eject and flip
Tony: and instead of choosing data file from source disc or hdd - you choose image file
Tony: kazaa
Tony: printed discs
hamza: wats kazaa
hamza: sorry
Tony: you need Lscribe app on your PC
Tony: kazaa is the sound of magic
hamza: lol
Tony: yes...
hamza: bad sound
hamza: so for the image the pc is required
Tony: so its easy .. but you need pc to make your image, you can do cool stuff like ammends, whereby you print the discs less a blank area
Tony: then later you can fill blank area with custom text
Tony: pc is required
Tony: burning can be slow for full image
hamza: how long?
Tony: up to 20 mins for full cd.
hamza: wow but three at a time right
Tony: text is 30 secs for as many targets as you have
Tony: correct
hamza: mmm kool
Tony: yeah.. it is cool
hamza: 1sec
hamza: so the burning is normal speed?
Tony: burn as normal
hamza: do i need computor for that
Tony: slightly more expensive discs
hamza: huh?
Tony: the systems needs special discs
Tony: with reactive print layer
Tony: for printing
Tony: normal disc for burn only
hamza: no i got that sorted its norm lightscribe
hamza: right
Tony: sure
hamza: but for burning do you sttill need it attacted to the pc
Tony: no pc for burn or print
Tony: think of the print as like copying data
Tony: disc to disc
hamza: kool
hamza: where r u guys based
Tony: greenwich
Tony: from e17... turn left
hamza: how much is your delivery
Tony: around £8
hamza: ok that sounds better
Tony: order tomorrow... receive fri/mon
hamza: and what price do u guys do on light scribe disks 100pk
hamza: dvd
Tony: price mebbe a little high than in coming weeks
hamza: ?
hamza: why
Tony: because there will be price drop
hamza: wen and how much
Tony: ... 2_562.html
Tony: i know not
Tony: for now those are price - maybe if you need bulk contact - bulk being 1000 plus discs LS
hamza: ok kool dude thanks alot for you time
Tony: no problem - any time - take it easy
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