UPrint ribbon and LightScribe printing details

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UPrint ribbon and LightScribe printing details

Postby Gael » Wed Aug 06, 2008 10:51 am

This post is an edited transcript from our live support system.

Matthew: how much is the ribbon for the UPrint Thermal DVD & CD Printer
Tony: hi matthew
Matthew: hi tony
Matthew: we are looking at getting some kind of CD duplicating system that prints too
Matthew: we saw the lightscribe ones, which look good, laser printing. but how does it print the image
Matthew: do we load a graphic?
Tony: the UPrint is really not for duplicating - more for just doing occasional discs
Tony: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/uprin ... 59467.html
Tony: for LS you load image onto a CD and copy from CD
Matthew: ah
Matthew: so you just put the image like a JPEG
Matthew: onto a cd
Matthew: sorry
Tony: you are best off to spend around £1200 on tower copier and reasonable auto inkjet printer
Matthew: like a JPEG
Tony: unless you just want monochrome print
Tony: LS uses proprietary image format
Matthew: what does that mean
Tony: you can import JPEG and then save as LS image
Matthew: ah right, then it prints black and white with laser yes?
Matthew: so no ink costs?
Matthew: what is proprietary image format
Matthew: ??
Matthew: and what is monochrome print
Tony: it uses laser energy to make a print on disc surface just like illustrations on the page
Tony: single colour
Matthew: ah right
Tony: its like grey scale
Matthew: it's just for promotional use
Matthew: so it looks ok?
Matthew: we were thinking of getting the LightScribe Duplicator 5
Matthew: we were just struggling to work out how to load up the image
Tony: 1 mo
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