Can StorDigital products duplicate copy-protected DVD's?

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Can StorDigital products duplicate copy-protected DVD's?

Postby Gael » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:51 pm

This post is an edited transcript from our live support system.

Nigel: hi... is there any restriction to what the StorDigital can duplicate in dvd's and is the duplicated dvd an EXACT of the original..?
Tom: hi Nigel
Tom: sorry to keep you waiting
Nigel: no worries
Tom: basically duplicators will copy whatever you have on master disc
Tom: under condition that your original (master disc) is not copy protected
Nigel: that's what i was looking for... so it fails with copy protection...?
Tom: I am afraid so
Nigel: Thank you for your time... i'm not interested in piracy but would like to backup my own software...
Tom: you are welcome
Nigel: Bye Tom
Tom: bye Nigel
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