I'm looking for an all-in-one duplicator and printer

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I'm looking for an all-in-one duplicator and printer

Postby Gael » Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:08 pm

This post is an edited transcript from our live support system.

abdul: is there any store or branch in Reading?
Big Dave: Hi Abdul
Big Dave: I'm afraid we do not have a branch in Reading
Big Dave: our main facility is in Greenwich, London
abdul: where exactly in london
Big Dave: Greenwich
abdul: right!
abdul: is there possible good to be send to Reading?
Big Dave: yes, we send items all over the world
Big Dave: so can certainly delivery to Reading
abdul: great!
Big Dave: Which unit were you looking at purchasing?
Big Dave: The StorDigital Proburner 11?
abdul: i need dvd duplicator and dvd printer all in one!
Big Dave: oh i see
Big Dave: full colour printing?
abdul: yes pls
Big Dave: ok - and how many discs would you be making per day?
Big Dave: (on average)
abdul: i don't know really
abdul: its my cousin
Big Dave: ok - the reason I ask is that there are several types of machine.
abdul: who need it!
Big Dave: The entry level ones are good, but it gets less cost effective if you exceed a certain number of discs per day
abdul: 10 drive i suppose
Big Dave: well thats the thing - if you're looking for an "All in one"
Big Dave: that will burn and print automatically
abdul: well how much roughly?
Big Dave: you would need to be looking at a unit like this: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/disc- ... 27429.html
Big Dave: however if you're after speed, and not automation
Big Dave: you could get one of our bundle deals (which is a stand alone tower duplicator, and a seperate printer)
abdul: oh well!
Big Dave: http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/dupli ... 2_123.html
abdul: how long does it take to Reading?
Big Dave: well any orders placed before 3pm we aim to send out the same day
Big Dave: so would only take 1-2 working days to get to you
Big Dave: most likely would be there with you tomorrow
abdul: alright appreciate!
Big Dave: no problem :-)
abdul: thanks for ur help!!
Big Dave: you're welcome
Big Dave: and if you manage to find out how many discs your cousin is looking to do per day, let me know and I can find the most appropriate printer for you
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