My cd printer will not print the designs just a demo print

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My cd printer will not print the designs just a demo print

Postby The Skunk » Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:46 am

This post is an axcerpt from Live Support

Big Dave: hello Daniel
Daniel: hi dave
Big Dave: what type of printer do you have?
Daniel: dp50
Big Dave: OK
Daniel: im sending it to print and it isnt doing anything
Daniel: when i print a demo it prints dar
Daniel: dat
Big Dave: are there any lights flashing on the control panel?
Daniel: at da moment a light with a paper on it is green
Daniel: da middle light on da left
Big Dave: OK
Daniel: what does dat mean
Big Dave: are you near the printer?
Daniel: yrs
Daniel: yes
Big Dave: can you please unplug the power cable and USB cable and wait approx 20 secs
Daniel: k
Big Dave: please also close the software?
Big Dave: now
Daniel: when i swithch it on orange lights flash
Big Dave: did you plug back USB cable?
Daniel: yeh
Big Dave: OK
Big Dave: take it out and power off the printer
Daniel: ok again
Big Dave: wait 20 secs
Big Dave: and power on the printer without plugging USB cable
Daniel: ok
Big Dave: booting sequence should lasts approx 40 secs
Big Dave: once the booting is finished you should have only the power light on
Big Dave: constantly on
Daniel: ok, jus dat light
Daniel: wats dat green light on da left
Big Dave: the "arrow"light or the "drop"?
Daniel: da ligght under neath da drop
Big Dave: hmm
Big Dave: can you please open the cover and remove the cartridges?
Daniel: shall i unplug it to do dat
Big Dave: NO
Big Dave: you need the power to take the cartridges out
Big Dave: do you have them out?
Daniel: dey r out
Big Dave: cool
Big Dave: now please close the lid and unplug the power cable
Big Dave: wait 20 secs
Big Dave: and plug the cable back in
Daniel: den wat
Big Dave: are there any lights flashing
Daniel: da droplet/ink
Big Dave: ok - and is the power light on solidly? or is that flashing too?
Daniel: power light is fully on n da green paper ligght under da drop
Big Dave: ok - so now the "down arrow" light is no longer on?
Daniel: no
Big Dave: ok good - so its sounding like it could be a problem with your cartridges
Daniel: da cartridges r nearly empty but it printed a demo disc
Big Dave: you'll need to clean the contacts on the back of each cartridge, and open the lid on the printer and see if there is any ink or dirt on the contacts within the printer
Big Dave: (where the back of the cartridges meet the metal pins inside the cartridge well)
Daniel: wat shall i clean it with
Big Dave: well you can actually just use your fingers if you like
Big Dave: or if you have a cotton bud, you can use that
Big Dave: its just to get the worst of the dirt off
Daniel: den wat try print
Big Dave: well yes - put the cartridges back in
Big Dave: and see if the ink light stops flashing
Big Dave: you should only have twqo lights on then
Big Dave: the power light (solidly) and also the drop light
Daniel: it still wont print
Big Dave: ok what is it doing? same thing?
Daniel: it isnt doing anything
Daniel: da lightts r just on
Big Dave: ok - and you've put the USB cable back in?
Daniel: yeh
Big Dave: ok - can you open control panel for me
Big Dave: then open the printers and faxes folder
Big Dave: in there, you have the StorDigital DP50
Daniel: yeh
Big Dave: Click the "view" tab, and select "icons"
Big Dave: does it say "ready" under the Dp50 name
Big Dave: and ahve a number at all?
Daniel: it says 0 ready
Big Dave: thats good
Daniel: it will print a demo but not my design
Daniel: it was doing this on the weekend, i had to keep presssin da drop button n den it started printing
Big Dave: ok ... i am thinking
Big Dave: what program are you printing from?
Big Dave: Surething?
Big Dave: Do you have teh DP50 selected as your default printer too?
Big Dave: sorry, not surething - I meant Discus
Daniel: yeh im printing from discus
Daniel: and it is my default
Big Dave: hmmm - really strange
Big Dave: ok - try this
Big Dave: open discus
Big Dave: and open your design
Big Dave: click on the print tab
Daniel: true say da printer i brought was a return from previous customer
Daniel: yeh
Big Dave: now click print setup
Big Dave: ensure it says StorDigital DP50 there
Big Dave: and click properties
Daniel: yeh
Big Dave: click on the "mask settings" tab
Big Dave: and make sure there is NO tick on the box
Big Dave: (that says "enable masking"
Daniel: dere is a tick
Big Dave: if there is a tick in there - take it out
Daniel: wats dat tick
Big Dave: oh its for the alignment of the disc in the printer driver
Big Dave: but you can control that through the software so you don't need it
Big Dave: ok - so once you've taken the tick out - press ok
Big Dave: you should be back in discus
Big Dave: press ok on the next screen (print setup)
Big Dave: now when you're back in discus, just click print
Big Dave: make sure teh DP50 is selected again
Big Dave: choose how many copies you want and press print
Daniel: big dave i believe it is printing
Big Dave: :-D
Big Dave: I'm glad to hear it
Daniel: thanks man, all dat n it was a tick in a box!
Big Dave: lol - well to be honest it shouldn't have stopped it printing in the first place
Big Dave: it would have just been a slightly off centre print
Big Dave: but it should stay like that for you now
Big Dave: so you won't have to worry about changing the settings again
Daniel: ok thanks a lot man enjoy ur day
Big Dave: I will - thanks
Big Dave: you too!
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