How long does it take to creat 50 discs with 70MB on each?

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How long does it take to creat 50 discs with 70MB on each?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:07 am

Tis post is an excerpt from Live Support

Tom: hi Chris
Tom: sorry - I can't see which one you are talking about - can you please send me the link?
chris: sorry it's the stordigital 1 20x dvd 40x cd premium duplicato
Tom: I am back - sorry
Tom: small technical problem:-)
chris: no problem
Tom: how nay drives does this machine have?
chris: 2 i think
chris: <edited>
Tom: cheers
Tom: OK
Tom: please wait a sec and I will run quick calculation for you
chris: cheers could you change it to 180mb as wel please sorry
Tom: if you want to copy 70MB CD it will take approx. 50 minutes
for 700MB disc it will take approx. 2.5 - 3 hours
Tom: for 180mb - approx one hour
chris: cool so if i wanted to make 50 copies could i stack up 50 copies and it will do it automatically all does someone need to insert 1 every time. bit confused?
Tom: any tower duplicator require manual loading/unloading the discs
Tom: if you need fully automated solution you will have to go for something like this
Tom: <edited>
Tom: it has 25 discs capacity
Tom: I am afraid we do not have any machines that will do 50discs in one go
chris: no problem. when you load up the 25 when 1 disc completes does it finish automatically or does someone need to press go to carry on to next disc etc?
Tom: this is fully automated solution so once you load your master and blanks, press go it will do the job automatically
chris: thats great. thanks alot for your help Tom
Tom: no problem
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