What is your returns/exhange policy?

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What is your returns/exhange policy?

Postby The Skunk » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:16 am

This post is an excerpt from cd-writer.com Live Support

Big Dave: Hi mo
MO: hi
Big Dave: well there are a few variables
Big Dave: !
Big Dave: it depends if you bought as an individual or through a company
Big Dave: and also how long you've had the product, why you're returning it etc
MO: unhappy with performance for example?
Big Dave: in what regard?
Big Dave: are you talking about a printer here? or tower copier?
MO: its hypothetical
MO: say a tower
Big Dave: well - the towers use the fastest drives at the moment
Big Dave: so performance should be high
Big Dave: all the machines have a counter as well - which is set as zero when new
MO: ok but i just wanted to know what freedom i have of returning my purchace if i were unhappy
MO: i was interested in the lightscribe
MO: the 5 disk
MO: but i know that is tricky stuff
MO: so i just wanted to know myu options
MO: before i buy
Big Dave: well you are welcome to return it within 7 days if you are unhappy
MO: okay and after 7days do u do exchange or?
MO: ..
MO: nothing?
Big Dave: well not really - it would be a repair
MO: ok no problem thanks alot Dave
Big Dave: ideally, we'll try and sell you the right product in the first place, so you don't have to return it
Big Dave: there are so many hypertheticals, its hard to cover them all
Big Dave: if there is a problem, or you are not happy then we can return it
Big Dave: sorry, you can return it
Big Dave: we'll either give you a new machine, or repair your faulty one
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