Rimage 360i - neon lights constantly flash

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Rimage 360i - neon lights constantly flash

Postby The Skunk » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:34 pm

Terry: I have a Rimage 360i in my office and for some unknown
reason the neon lights constantly flash. Is their a way in which i can reset
the machine to rectify this problem?

Tony: had good questions
12:23:48 PM: Tony: i guess you are probably the only person in the UK with a
rimage 360
12:24:07 PM: Tony: did you try to change the ink?
12:24:35 PM: Tony: to be honest it was very slow seller - and they have not
been supplied for around 5 years
12:24:46 PM: Terry: I thought as much. My company have had machine for about
6yrs. Yes but the ink department is jammed
12:25:06 PM: Tony: i see.. well there are no parts to fix this device
12:25:27 PM: Terry: so what would you recommend?
12:25:54 PM: Tony: well.. if you need to publish your own discs I wld
suggest that you invest in a new unit
12:26:11 PM: Tony: if you occasionally need discs then I suggest that you
have someone produce them for you
12:26:42 PM: Terry: we are a law firm and constantly produce dics for
12:27:28 PM: Tony: i see.. well what kind of volume do you produce?
12:27:44 PM: Terry: approx 30 discs per week
12:28:00 PM: Tony: Ok then I suggest the SE disc publisher
12:28:33 PM: Tony:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/disc- ... -100-discs
12:28:38 PM: Tony:
http://shop.cd-writer.com/catalog/disc- ... -100-discs
12:28:43 PM: Tony: opps
12:29:03 PM: Tony: entry level publisher with 20 disc capcity - similar to
12:29:07 PM: Tony: 2 year warranty
12:29:28 PM: Terry: Thanks for your help Tony
12:29:35 PM: Tony: np
12:29:55 PM: Tony: we can send you more info if you like at any time - this
is stock item and generally best selling publisher world wide
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